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Oct 30, 2013 · I am a 60 year old female who is an 18-month survivor [...] in Transplants

Thanks for your response Kristin. I have no health insurance – waiting on the AHC Act to buy some going forward in January. However, my Medicare kicks in 2.5 years from the original date of disability (as determined by SSDI), so I will have Medicare and a supplemental coverage if I live to August, 2014. (I haven’t flown since my heart attacks, but feel comfortable driving to Rochester in 4-5 hour blocks.)

I can call the Transplant Center, but want to make sure I don’t need to wait till I have insurance coverage. My medical records are about 4″ thick… from neurosurgery at Stanford Stroke Center in 1992 all the way up to the AICD placement in 2012.

Of interest, my attending cardiologist at Austin Heart Hospital told me this: “If you make it to age 63, we’ll talk transplant. But we don’t do whiners!!” More recently (July 2013) my follow-up cardiologist told me to be considered for transplant I would have to be lying in a hospital bed. True at Mayo? Because although I get up and move around my house cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, I feel hopeless for my future. I take care of my daughter’s mobile dog grooming business affairs and make all her appointments – so I am not completely dysfunction and do have some relevance to my life. However, I want to do so much more but don’t want to have false hope.

If you still think a call is advisable, I will definitely make the call. Just want you to have as much info as possible.

Thanks again,


Oct 28, 2013 · I am a 60 year old female who is an 18-month survivor [...] in Transplants

I am a 60 year old female who is an 18-month survivor of back-to-back cardiac arrests in June, 2012. I had two failed stents, and subsequently received an AICD placement thru Austin Heart Hospital in September, 2012. Progress was slow but steady. For an individual who was deprived of O2 for 7 and 17 minutes, I have remarkable function despite reliance on just ONE viable vessel (LAD), stented. I have COPD, CHF and now digestive issues because of all the crowding in the chest cavity. But my biggest problem is “lead legs” from the hip down – walking has been reduced to shuffling, and I try at least once a week to get behind my self-propelled lawn mower and have it pull me around the yard for at least 20 minutes. However, my arms start hurting, then my chest, and my legs tingle for hours! My feet respond negatively to stepping on something as minor as a small pebble or twig; I have a tendency to trip and fall easily. Complicating factors – diabetes, fibromyalgia, neurovascular issues, degenerative disc disease, and of course, peripheral artery disease. Would love to know more about how to restore part of the vitality I was accustomed to prior to my heart attacks. I weigh about 125 lbs now, have fullness in the chest and lungs from the size/weight of an 8″ balloon heart resting on everything in there – I asked about a transplant in Austin, was told I needed a PET scan – but there aren’t any in Austin!! Unbelievable to me. I really feel like I would benefit from a heart transplant. Have lots to live for, just want some encouragement and positive feedback. Thanks.

Aug 5, 2012 · Congestive Heart Failure & Neuropathy in Heart & Blood Health

Well, my sister has been on 450 mgs of Lyrica a day and Cymbalta – no resolution. I don’t have any advice for you on the CHF part except for exercise. That’s my problem as well. With the recent heart attack, I’ve been told to walk as much as I can to build back my endurance – but the pain/neuralgias prevent that. It’s a Catch-22, that’s for sure! You didn’t mention your age – but it seems like a nerve block would be helpful if your neuropathy was limited to one or the other extremity?? Don’t know, just thinking aloud.

Aug 5, 2012 · Congestive Heart Failure & Neuropathy in Heart & Blood Health

Jill, I’m in CHF now, 5 weeks after suffering my first heart attack and having 3 stents placed. I have severe neuropathy in the lower extremities – and although I was diabetic before the heart attack, I never had this type of neuropathy. What exactly are you suffering with?