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Aug 4, 2012 · Just finding out my gall bladder is inflamed again in Just Want to Talk

I’m so sorry…I will think of you in my prayers and hope you get better soon…

Aug 4, 2012 · Burns in Skin Health

Scar tissue can sometimes feel rubbery or even hard to the touch until it softens over time. But keep an eye on it because newly healed areas can still get infected and have a tendency to break open more easily. My step-daughters scar on her arm still feels that way after years. I hope every thing goes O.K.

Aug 4, 2012 · mixed connective tissue disease in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I always get a copy of anything or test done because they don’t even call you anymore to tell you some thing is wrong. I recently had three vials of blood drawn for a lot of tests–liver, kidneys, electrolyte panel, CBC,— 3 or 4 tubes of blood were drawn from me, and was never called about the results. 3 weeks later I went to get them and guess what–I was only given a CBC result and told that nothing else was drawn. Isn’t that interesting…I am planning to contact the insurance company and see what tests they billed for. Scratch and claw for the bare minimal of care is a great description!

Aug 4, 2012 · Does anyone have these symptoms along with IBS? in Digestive Health

I have IBS and a lot of gastro symptoms and all the stuff you mentioned above. I have gotten a lot of relief from eating probiotic FOODS every day (I only take the probiotic capsules if on vacation). My favorite probiotic food is Keifer. Goat milk Keifer is the best as cows milk causes some symptoms, but the goat milk is more expensive. Have you heard of GAPS syndrome or the GAPS diet? It has helped me a lot and I just started on it this year. You basically rebuild your Gastrointestional system. It takes 2 years at least. No grains at all, not just avoiding wheat, all cooked food, (avoiding raw or uncooked foods-harder to digest) eating good wholesome meats (except pork) for maximum protein and good fat, no white sugar or processed foods. Maybe this will help. I’m getting better some already. Every one in a while I “clean out my system” using my own cooked chicken broth, honey, and water only—for a few days. It is really a hassle to have to struggle so hard to feel only half decent. People all around me are eating potato chips, cookies, hamburgers, cakes, you name it and have no problems.

Aug 4, 2012 · I have suffered with migraines for 22 years. No preventative medication helps. in Just Want to Talk

My doctor discovered that I had encephalitis from Toxoplasmosis, because I had a “chronic unrelenting migraine”. I took pain pills, tylenol, aspirin, Imitrex, and (my last resort) several glasses of wine, all to no avail, of course. I was just diagnosed and started on medication 2 days ago, so I am not better yet. Good luck with your search for relief. (p.s.- my internal medicine doctor told me my headaches were stress related. Ha ha ha. He will get a copy of the test results!)

Aug 4, 2012 · Vitiligo in Skin Health

my sister was diagnosed with vitiligo 25 years ago and it has never progressed any futher. She used a topical treatment to the skin (?) that was popular at that time. I hope you have a good out come-good luck!