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Jul 26, 2012 · Three Level Lumbar Spine Fusion in Spine Health

I see one of the best spina surgeons in the USA~ he works on California 49er football team injuries. I did every injection, spine therapy, pain killer for 10 yrs. A dr wanted to do a lower lumbar fusion. I went to the dr above for a 2nd opinion and I am so glad I did. A 10 minute exam revealed most of my pain was being generated from Facet Joints and not discs! Yes I have degenerative disc disease, leaking discs, arthritis and a few other big words but… can your pain be produced when someone pushes on your spine? When you sit up against something does it hurt? You see… my dr sad that disk pain comes from within and cannnot be induced by physical exam and that was his clue to Facet Joint pain. This is important because 1. If they can perform a Neurotomy (burn some nerve pain sgnals) and reduce your pain 50% or more~ would u be “fused”? 2. My dr said that DDD is progressive and fusing the lower 3 or even 5 will ultimately cause collapse of those above s he won’t fuse any DDD patient unti 7 discs are bad. I am recovering from my 7th nerve burning in 8 years. Well worth it!

Jul 26, 2012 · wannalivepleasehelp - bowels messed up, panic, heart palpitations in Just Want to Talk

Hi sweetie.. I am a mom and grandma now and I too went through years of feeling sick from as young as I could remember~ heart palpitations, colon issues, uterus, multiple bladder infections, anxiety disorder… you name it. Let me make a long story short and if u think my answer resonates, write me. First~ had a hysterectomy at 40 and magic happened~ heart palps ceased! That was something that made me curious~ hormones were the culprit. It got me thinking that maybe all my ailments were do to other imbalances…. mmmm? I thought! That was 20 years ago… so here is the short of it… I spent the next 10 years researching real HEALTH care~ not DIS EASE CARE! I became a vegitarian and pay serious attention to my PH levels which is super easy. Did you know it is a way of health in China and doctors get paid only if they keep u healthy? An acidic body breeds ill health (americans diet is an acidic diet) but an alkalyne body is healthy and can fight off DIS-EASE so much easier. This takes commitment but without fail everyone who has made this an easy commitment finds they feel tons better. Can’t hurt?