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Jul 22, 2012 · Having to deal with a loved one passing from cancer in Cancer

HiLJ1982..I am, also, sorry for your loss. I lost my mom a few years ago, and it is still hard sometimes…However, what has always helped me is, when I feel like I need to talk to her, then I do..I will talk out loud, just like she is in the room, and I get great comfort from it, cause I know she is helping God watch over me each day…I also, in April, lost a third (3) Older sister. I have been really struggling with her loss, because it leaves me with no older “female” family to see, and talk to. Mostly, I am having trouble because, against her Cardiologist advice, she wouldn’t quit smoking long enough for her lungs to get in good enough condition for her to have open heart surgery to save her life…So, in addition to grieving her loss, I am struggling because, I am really mad at her..I am seeing a counselor who is helping me tremendiously, which I recommend you also might consider…There are free counselors at most churches. Good luck with your life…God Bless you..

Jul 22, 2012 · C Diff in Digestive Health

Hi Tiara…This is my first time on this discussion so please bare with me. I am on the site for pretty much the same reasons/illness that you have…I have been sick since middle of January. It is horrible…you are so sick “all-over” that is is hard to describe. I also have lost about 30 Lbs since January…and still losing. I had a Colonostomy in Feb. and an Endoscopy in April..first diagnosed with severe Colitis. Took three weeks of Flagyl and Ciprofloxicin with little improvement. Then went to another GI Dr. who is very conscienceious and was immediately diagnosed with C. Diff. and loaded up on Dicyclomine, Amitiza, Probiotics, Nexium, and Fiber-Lax. From the Endo. I was also diagnosed with Barretts Esophogus…caused from Acid Reflux. At this point, these medications have helped a lot, but I still have to really watch what I eat, be sure and take all the medicines timely, and live with constant stomach pain, bowel problems, sore throat, trouble swallowing, and general sick-feeling all the time. I am continuing to “Bug” my GI or his PA’s to help me feel better. Just saw another PA on Fri. No encouragement. So, that is why I am on this site. I am considering going to Mayo Clinic for a full “Once-Over.” I can’t stand it either…