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2 days ago · ~ cat scratch disease??? ~ in Skin Health

Thanks gardenjunkie …. I love the glove idea …. I'll get myself a pair! abby

2 days ago · Makeup causing breakouts in Skin Health

I’m a 74 year old woman whose been using the Obagi Nu-Derm System for about 20 years …. my skin looks great. I rarely wear makeup and then I came across a new “non makeup” for older ladies, called BOOM. So, I tried it. It consists of moisturizer, slight color for the cheeks, and some glimmer, and I think there’s a neutral color which is very faint. Well, once I started that, my skin has broken out unbelievable … pimples, little white tiny white dots, and just everything nasty I had as a kid. I’ve stopped using it, obviously, but has anyone else had this problem? When I do wear any makeup, if I go to a party, etc., I just use the original good old Cover Girl. Everyone I know just raves about this BOOM, but not me. abby

2 days ago · ~ cat scratch disease??? ~ in Skin Health

Wow Ethan …. that's it. It has finally healed, but I know if it opened it would bleed. But, it's healed over enough so it doesn't easily open. It was nasty …. I couldn't believe so much blood could come from such a small hole on my arm. But, I did have a headache, was tired all the time. I went to the clinic near me – not my own doctor as he was full – she looked at it and went "hmmmmm" …. then she slightly pinched it and blood all down my arm again! She.He asked me if I had leukemia! I told her no and again what happened. She just sort of blew me off and said, well, it'll go away in time. Well, gee, that was helpful. abby

Tue, Mar 12 11:44am · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

O gosh, how are you making it? That's awful. The woman from MedExpress never called me back despite 4 calls to her. I'm now filling out an application for WalMart … I know they're hiring. The setup for seniors, unless you've saved and saved, is bleak, for sure. I've seen pictures of SanFran. of homeless people in little homemade tents along buildings …. some of which are our Vets. That's a disgrace. I found out that VA has one of the lowest minimum wage … it's $7.15 …. some states are as high as $15.00. And Vermont actually pays people to move there – $10,000 ….. I guess it's no wonder with their winters. For me, a lot of it is age …. everything sound "oh so good" until they find out how old I am. No age discrimination? Phooey!

Mon, Mar 11 9:30pm · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Sorry for grumbling.

Mon, Mar 11 9:23pm · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi parus …. yes, my daughters are aware…. one gives me money out of their tithe to their church each month, and my son, who lives in Alexandria, VA pitches in a good bit more. Frankly, I'm ready to go back …. but to what? No condo, no job ……

Tue, Feb 26 8:26pm · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi Parus ….. yes, I think that when you "get to a certain age" they see us all as little old, blue haired ladies wearing house dresses and slippers everywhere we go. Well, it's not that way anymore. Yes, one of my girls, and my son know what's happening. My other daughter and her husband are on a very tight budget, so I don't say too much to her. My son sends me money every month and my daughter gives me money every month. I appreciate it, but at the same time I hate that I'm in this position. I feel like a drain on everyone. I spent the entire day answering Indeed ads …. now it's 9:30 PM and I have no doubt that I'll hear nothing from them. It's just useless. I should have stayed in MD where I had a job and could keep up with things without eating canned beans every night.

Tue, Feb 26 8:09pm · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi Karen …. there are so many of us in the same, or similar situation. Something is wrong …. aren't these the "golden years?" It's more like the poverty years. And I will pray for you my friend.