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Sat, Sep 12 11:24pm · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

I feel like I've just been slapped in the face. I know, in my "thinking" brain I haven't, but in my "emotional" brain it feels like I have. You all know I moved down here to the far western part of Virginia about 3-4 years ago, and have never particularly liked it. Well, I live in a low-income apartment which isn't particularly safe. There is a smaller building, owned by the same firm, right down the hill from me, which is just for seniors. It's somewhat cheaper and the places are smaller. My name has been on a list for about 1-1/2 years and so far, nothing. I'm tired of waiting, especially since I don't like it down here to begin with. Well, I've been toying with the idea of broaching the subject of an in-law suite to one of my daughters and her husband. I wrote to them, and very carefully brought it up and sent a website with all different types you could build attached to the big house, with double locked doors, so each would have their privacy. I absolutely love the woods …. the smells, sounds, the trees, the wet ground and all the critters in the mountains. Their place is only about 1/4 mile from a side entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Oh I could have a beautiful garden, which I love, with flowers and veggies … heavenly. Well, they weren't nasty about it, but it didn't fly too well. My daughter gave me all sorts of reasons why …. "their house isn't structured for that, it would have to come out of the basement, and a variety of things." I understand, but at the same time I feel slapped in the face. I know it's totally their decision, but for some reason it just makes me sad …. I feel unwanted. I wouldn't be living with them as there would be 2 locked doors between us only to get together when we wanted to. So I guess I'm relegated at some point to go to the old ladies home ….. I know I'm certainly in that age bracket, but I don't feel like it ….. gossipy, snippy, always talking about someone. Even though it's only 4 hours from where I was in MD, it's whole different world here. There's still plenty of confederate flags flying. I like to know about the news locally and in the country and the world, am always seen with at least 2 books I'm reading under my arm, and just don't want to sit around and vegetate. I view moving there as the last step to the end. I just hate the thought of it. They have no kids and I thought with me not being in their way at all, unless invited, it would work. I knew another couple who did that and it went well.
The other option I thought of was one of those tiny houses, but around here, the company brings all the things to you and you have to build it or have someone else build it. And I don't know where I'd put it either ….. money is tight. I guess I'm just having a pity party, but I do not like it here and probably am about as adjusted as I'll ever be. Should have stayed in MD.

Wed, Sep 9 5:08pm · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

Hi fiesty … I too found 2 types of sneakers that work even without an insert, although I do put one in anyhow. I have a pair of really good NIKE's and also a pair of ASCICS. They are great.

Wed, Sep 9 5:05pm · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

Well, I found another job …. a cashier at our Lowes store, right behind me. That will get me out of the house during the day and get my brain doing more than thinking about how much I dislike it down here and worrying about all the things going on in the country. I'm grateful for them to hire an old lady!

Wed, Sep 9 5:01pm · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

Hi Colleen …. That is one thing I have always been guilty of …. running around barefoot or sock-footed. I guess now I'm paying for it. I have found that one of the styles of Merrell to which I add one of those rubber forms for p.f. works really well for me. I'll have to look at the Birkies …. are they the ones like sandles? or is it another style. It sure takes getting used to to be wearing real shoes all day when I've virtually lived barefooted. Getting out of bed in the AM is the worst … yeowee! What stretches do you do? I'll have to try the iced water bottle thing. Thanks for the information. Let me know about the Birkies.

Wed, Sep 9 4:55pm · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

Hi …. like stephanie, I have short-term memory loss from taking a statin. I'm slowly tapering off of it myself because at times I can't even remember my own telephone number. Re. long term memory loss ….. from the time I was about 4 or 5 to about 15, I remember nothing. My home was totally abusive in every form and being an only child, I was the one who always was the "rotten little S.O.B." Think about your background …. maybe you had incidents which were traumatizing …. abuse like sexual, physical, psychological?

Wed, Sep 9 4:43pm · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

Hi there …. although our stories are not exactly the same, the results are. Just know …. there are many of us seniors out here that struggle with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and the various forms of Bipolar. We should have a senior forum for these problems because I do think they are somewhat different in us older folks than in younger folks. I'm 75 and moved to be closer to my daughters 5 years ago … big mistake …. I was so comfortable in my own condo, church, friends, and I knew my town like the back of my hand … I'd lived there for 30 years. Then at 70 years old, I was uprooted and moved to another state with entirely different roads, stores, living arrangements, churches ….. just everything. I take 6 psychotropics and see my Psychiatrist every 6 weeks. I am again driving to my former state to see my Psychologist about every month or two. You're not alone, just know that, and I fully understand how you're feeling. Take care of yourself.

Sun, Aug 30 8:29pm · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

Thanks Colleen …. well, that's probably my problem …. I am always barefooted!

Sun, Aug 30 1:24pm · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

This is a medical question and I'm not sure where it should go, so I'll put it here to start. I have got plantar fasciitis in my right heel. I've been wearing all my shoes with those rubber things you get at the drug store, and that helps as long as I keep shoes on. I'm a "barefoot runner or sock runner" in the apartment and I'm sure this is how I did it. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to heal this besides the shoe inserts? Thanks much.