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Sun, Jul 21 9:16pm · ~ Hippo ~ in Joint Replacements

Does anyone else feel like a hippopotamus when they go from sitting on the floor to a standing position? I had a knee replacement 6 years ago and a revision 5 years ago, and except for when it's going to rain, my knee is in good shape. (I'm a great barometer) But, if I have to sit on the floor for any reason, well, to say it's embarrassing to get up is an understatement. I go over on my hands and knees, grab a sturdy piece of furniture, and pull myself up. Oi Vey! I would never sit on the floor with anyone around except my family or a close friend.

Fri, Jul 19 5:08pm · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Yes, I'm definitely better, but typical of Bipolar 2, it's up and down, up and down. The up's aren't very "up" just probably ore normal. I'm looking forward to moving, but it won't be for one or two years. It's in a town about 7 miles from here in a senior setup. They're small single story houses attached by a breezeway. I've adjusted to living here about as much as I think I will ….. still, if someone said they'd pay for me to go back I'd be right on it. But, it's not to be, so here I am.

Tue, Jul 16 2:43pm · bipolar issues in Mental Health

My doctor put me on Lamictal which seems to work well. However, one side effect is what they call "essential tremors" meaning for me when I write I look like I'm writing with my left hand (I'm right handed). So he has me taking 1-2 Propanalol each morning with the Lamictal and it works like a charm. I'm so grateful for a good Psychiatrist and Psychologist. Since I have moved 3-1/2 hours from where I used to live (don't ask …. it was hell to move), I do drive up once a month to see my therapist ….. I'd seen him for 12 years, through the times when I was in the hospital, going through my divorce (from a Narcissist), and everything else that life throws at you. So, even though I only see him once a month, it's sort of a tune-up.

Tue, Jul 16 2:39pm · bipolar issues in Mental Health

Hi there ….. if you look up DBT, especially the "vagus nerve breathing" technique …. that could help too. It sure does me.

Tue, Jul 16 2:34pm · ~ Hi all ..... in Mental Health

Calling all friends who struggle with bipolar issues. There's a new site up where we can share our experiences …. ups and downs, etc. I forget what the title is ….. I think it's just a website. Maybe one of the moderators will post it for us. It's not fun, that's for sure, but I can still eat chocolate! That's a plus!

Tue, Jul 16 2:29pm · bipolar issues in Mental Health

Hi there new found friend. I, too, wrestle with bi-polar, but it's bi-polar 2, not quite as severe. The worst part is the depression ….. I can wake up in the morning and for no reason, I am immediately in the dumps. So, I take my meds, and I took a course through the hospital called DBT … dialectical breathing technique. It really works for me. By the time I do 10 of that one, I sit down and could fall asleep. It's wonderful. When I have a "manic" episode, it's just flat. It doesn't really make me want to jump up and down, run outside, go for a bike ride ….. just do the normal things, cleaning, grocery, etc. At least I'm functional with that. My Psychiatrist and Psychologist both think from what I've told them that my mother was Bipolar 1. Fortunately, if I inherited it from her, I'm glad it's BP2 ….. I sure wouldn't want to be like she was.
Good to meet you friend,

Mon, Jul 15 11:34am · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Thanks dianrib ….. I just got into a group through the new Psychiatrist I found since I moved ….. it's called DBT …. Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I wouldn't want to have to take it without therapy first, but for me with 12 years of therapy in Frederick …… it was really helpful. Right now my daughters are helping me find another place to live. My apartment is nice, but the environment is terrible ….. crime ridden. The building across from me is know as a crack house, little children wander around unsupervised, and not a day goes by without at least 2 police cars being called due to some sort of problem. We have found a really nice place for seniors, which is basically single story homes, attached by a breezeway to the next house, and so on. My daughters talked to some of the residents and they love it. So I'm on their waiting list but it could be a year or more. That's OK …. just knowing there will be a change is satisfying. The other day a little child – maybe 2 or 2-1/2 was wandering down the sidewalk, bottle in his mouth, calling "Mommy, Mommy." Little wonder the kids nowadays are so disrespectful and have no guidance or motivation.

Wed, Jun 12 8:09am · ~ cat scratch disease??? ~ in Skin Health

I had two cats …. a small white one, and a huge black one. He was the sweetest cat, but whenever I tried to put him in the crate to take him to the Vet, he put up a real fuss. I'd wrap him like a burrito, but with his size he always wiggled out. Well, the last time, one of his hind nails dug into my upper forearm really deep. I got him in but it was bleeding like crazy. Finally I wrapped it tightly in some towels, laid down and put my arm up in the air. It slowed down, but continued to bleed, just not as much. I rewrapped it with a pile of square gauze pads and put surgical tape around it tightly. Finally it was just dribbling, so I cleaned it off with H2O2, and wow, did it bubble up. Then I covered it. Next morning when I showered, it started again. Again I had to cover it, using H2O2 and an antibiotic cream. Finally I went to the doctor and he confirmed that's what it was. He gave me 2 different antibiotics to take and said to keep it clean, covered and be sure not to rub it or it would bleed again. Everytime I took a shower, no matter how carefully I washed it, it would bleed …. not as much, but enough. Finally, after 2 full months, it is healed, but I have a scar there. So, be careful with those kitty claws …. they can really do damage.