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Jul 11, 2012 · Depression in Cancer

Thank you for answering. im on a leave of absense now. I asked the pdoc to help me stay home so I’m home for a month (or more). She gave me zyprexa 2.5 to take at night, it sure knocks me out. I’m still scared and embarrassed with all this. I feel so alone. My 22 yr old daughter lives with us. I’m worried about what this is doing to her. My husband also tries to help, but no one can really understand. Now I’m back to smoking (I took chantix to quit). I don’t have anyone that I really want to talk to.

Jun 28, 2012 · Effexor 150mg and Ativan in Depression & Anxiety

How long is it suppose to take for the Effexor and Ativan to start helping for depression and anxiety. I wake up anxious, I cry in the morning before work and cry after work. Barely making it through the day while at work. Psychologist are so difficult to get into see. I’m trying to see a new one now. The last one, her and I didn’t fit well together. I’m scared I’m never going to feel better. Today I called out