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Nov 27, 2012 · Severe Constipation in Digestive Health

Are you on any Meds that can cause constipation. Your best bet would be to try to drink a bottle of magnesium Citrate. I have such severe stomach ailments too and ibs is a crackpot diagnosis. I’m in such pain no matter what I eat. My entire chest and abdomen fill with air to the point that it tingles and hurtsnlike when your foot falls asleep.

Jul 23, 2012 · Scared in Digestive Health

omg i have had drs ask me if i have an eating disorder. its like “yes you dumbfucks,i have an eating disorder. thats why im in your office begging to help me find a way to gain weight.” dont anorexic people generally not want others to know about there it does feel nice to know another knows your pain. i went to church today and started crying. i feel like no one understands. and i have my faith in the lord but am getting so sick that at times i wish id pass away. but i have four kids and they are the only reason im attempting to carry on. they mean more to me then anyhting in the world but at times i feel like a failure of a mother for being so sick. my eldest who is ten lost her father to cancer when she was five and he was 27. i also have a five year old girl and identical twin boys that are a year. there dad is an addict that is always recovering then fucking up which only causes more misory to my world. hes staying here to help my since im so ill but i finally got the guts to put an end to the relationship last month. anyone willing to take advantage of a sick person, well i dont know what to think about it. i hardly have any friends and my three that have stuck by me live in norway, chicago, and wisconsen so i am feeling so alone at times it hurts to breathe.

Jul 22, 2012 · Scared in Digestive Health

even though our symptoms are different i feel for you. im now 98 pounds and have gotten no diagnosis except ibs or my favorite “its all in your head.” to that i say fuck them all. they have no idea what its like to struggle like this to survive. im starting to break down emotionally now. its so hard to function this mal nourished and i pray that you as well as me finds someone that caan correctly diagnose. im getting a series of more tests done this week. i will be swallowing a camera so that they may see my small intestines since the colonoscopy and endoscopy done last year were negative.

Jul 22, 2012 · C Diff in Digestive Health

have you tried the holistic aproach. go see a nutritionist if you can because one thing i have learned is that only one out of hundreds makes to much stomach acid. the heartburn or what they call “gerd” is usually from to little acid. I am extremly ill and down to 100 pounds and i cannot eat. ive been drinking smoothies with protien and vitamin powder. have had several test and yet to have a diagnosis other then ibs when i know thats not what it is. this week i will be swallowing a camera pill so that they can look at my small intestines since they couldnt find anything with the colonoscopy and the upper endoscopy but i do know that one of the big problems was from taking ant acids for far to long. So my nutritionalist put me on a suppliment called gastracid and digestive enzymes. and it did help. now i no longer eat enough to take them but will again when i am able to get back on solids. i can really relate to what your going through. my pain is constant and i am now so mal nourished i can barely function and its making me incredibly anxious. one thing that helps with the pain is achupuncture. id definatly look into alternative meds because eastearn medicine and drs have been around far longer. and western docs are simply so obsessed with money. in the medical society if your not wealthy you dont deserve to be healthy. i hate it so much and feel quite hopeless at times.

Jul 9, 2012 · intestinal problems from c section in Digestive Health

Not that I know of but I felt them cut me and started screaming in pain so they knocked me out with ketamine and when I woke up I couldn’t breath and they discovered that I had gotten such bad pneumonia so I was in the icu. Forthree days and I had to get a blood transfusion. Recently I’ve been researching online and finding all these females that are complaining of intestinal. Problems after c sections. I almost so mal nourished my body is going to start shutting down if I don’t find a answer soon

Jul 8, 2012 · intestinal problems from c section in Digestive Health

I meant doctors. Stupid spell check

Jul 8, 2012 · intestinal problems from c section in Digestive Health

I’ve been suffering from severe intestinal ailments ever since my c section I had with my twins 16months ago. I’ve been to so many design and still no answers. I’m down to 100 pounds and get severe intestinal pain when I eat. Now I’m only eating 5thigs and I’m so sick I can barely function. Has anyone else experianced this or had problems after a c section.

Jul 7, 2012 · Feeble....I feel so bad for you. I've had Chronic Gastritis for over in Just Want to Talk

Thanks. I’m beginning to really worry that my symptoms will never improve. I fasted today and drank only water and still my colon feels like its vibrating which causes a severe damino effect and builds up the most intense pressure headaches imaginable. My body is attacking anything I put into it and I’m at such a loss. Its so scarry to feel this way