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Jul 20, 2012 · What could constant nausea,off and on stomach pain,bloating be? in About Kids & Teens

hello, I wish you the best in finding whats wrong. I recently went through 3 mo of nauseau all the time, before that i had some mild pain in upper abdomen that came and went, off and on, i had no appetite, then i got somewhat of an appetie back, but then came pain too. Come to find out, after ultrasound, I had gallstones, After surgery, it was actually one huge gallstone and my gallbladder was so very imflammed. Ofcourse mine took a special operation cause it was somewhat inside the liver , and covered by something. Are you diabetic? before this all happened I had and Egd done of esophigis and found i had esophigitis, which i was treated for about a year prior. There are many things that could be causing your problems, after many,many hours of research i have learned this myself.

Wish you the best and hope you get an accurate diagnosis.