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Sep 9, 2017 · Lower back pain from old spinal fusion in Just Want to Talk

Same issue for me. Now the SI section is a24 hour per day squeeze on the sciatica. Constant leg, hip, foot pain. I will not consider another surgery for reasons already posted. The best thing for me is yoga, physical therapy, less stress, warm weather, and very strong RX at night. Use a morphine/Valium suppository so I get faster action close to the region, and sleep well now. That alone is a huge help. Will do a steroid injection next week.

Sep 9, 2017 · Lower back pain from old spinal fusion in Just Want to Talk

I use hydrocodone 7.5 during the day. The problem with me using that at night is that it acts as a stimulant for me and I cannot sleep on it! So if I go to codeine I have to get up every 4 hours to take more and then I never get back to sleep!

Jun 17, 2012 · Seasonal Affects Disorder in Just Want to Talk

Well I have had several boxes. I would really like small one that fits on a night stand and starts coming on gradually in the morning until it is full on. One that can be set. Personally I need one just to get up, so the idea of sitting next to one for 30 reading is a joke. I need it on b4 I can get up! Would also like a portable one for travel. I think if there was a clip- on for a bathroom mirror, it would be handy while you get ready in the morning. They seem to really work, but most of them r pretty cumbersome so people don’t get full use out of them. Gal from Alaska