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Jun 6, 2012 · Ischemic colitis in Digestive Health

I an 54 yo woman and I was in the hospital for ischemic colitis for 6 days. It began with extremely sharp abdominal pains, nausea, and ultimately hemeraging diarrhea. The onset was very abrupt and I had SEVERE pain for 5 days. I have never felt pain like that. It literally felt like knives were carving up my belly. It was like have my kidney stone for 5 days. It was managed with either 4 cc of morphine of 2 – 4 cc of Dilauded. (sp?) Fortunately the biopsies cam back and indicate Ischemic Colitus – not ulcerative colitis or IBS.. They said I just need to rest and let my body heal.
I now know that it was precipitated by severe dehydration from 2 days of physically demanding gardening in 88* sunny weather. It totally caught me off guard! It seems hard to describe to people how excruciating it is.

1)How long did it take you to heal enough to return to work?
2) How did you know you were well enough to return?
3) Have you had recurrences?
4) Did you dramatically change your diet like those with ulcerative colitis have to?
5) Can you drink alcohol when episode fully ends?
6) If I “do too much” could it stimulate a relapse?

I have never before posted on a blog. This experience has pushed me to do so.