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May 31, 2012 · Nausea in Digestive Health

I am sooo sorry to hear about your nausea issues. My 16 year old son has chronic nausea (for a year and a half ) as well and it’s debilitating. Like you, it never goes away. He also has chronic diarrhea and vomiting at times as well as bone pain. He is also at the end of his rope. He was gluten free for quite some time to no effect. He was also on a seven food elimination diet (no wheat, corn, dairy, eggs, fish, soy or nuts) and then a ‘no food’ diet for two weeks where he was on an amino supplement. Nothing helped but we did learn it was not the result of a food allergy. An upper and lower endoscopy came back clean. He does not have parasites. Anti-nausea meds do not help but maybe we should try Maranol since it provides you some relief. (Thanks for the tip.) Yesterday a friend suggested it could be 1) a histamine intolerance or 2) a post viral infection that causes a ‘sympathetic nervous system’ reaction (meaning your body is always in fight or flight mode). Am not sure what else these conditions mean but will investigate. I wish you well and ask that if you uncover the problem to please continue to share your story (as will I). I do not suffer this myself but I see the misery it is putting my son through. The worse part is when doctors get lazy and say it’s all in your head when it is so clearly not. Keep your courage up.