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May 30, 2012 · Recently diagnosed with N.M.O. in Spine Health

I was diagnosed with Transverse Mylitis in March and NMO in April. In April I received 5 sessions of Plasma Phresis. The procedure removed the plasma from my blood and replaced it with albumen. This is supposed to remove the antibodies that are attacking my body. I am also receiviing chamotherapy once a month for six months (2 down 4 to go) to further debilitate my immune system.

I am on a number of medications – Prednisone (which wll be changed to something else in the near future), Gabaspentin, Amitriptyline, flexeril. I also take calcium, D3, COQQ10, multi vitamin, and cinnamon.

With all of this I still have spasms in my diaphram, numbness and tingling, burning of the skin and weakness in my arms and legs. Physical therapy helps.

The worst part is I am not allowed to drive.