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May 26, 2012 · Interested in talking to anyone with a trache who came off a ventilator in Intensive Care (ICU)

..sorry just saw spelling error — my one friend had three tracheostomy changes (sizes where changed as healing progressed)

May 26, 2012 · Interested in talking to anyone with a trache who came off a ventilator in Intensive Care (ICU)

I personally have not experienced any of this but have had two friends who had to deal woth several of the same issues you have had to live with.
One has an ostomy, and learned to work with it fulltime, swam, rode a motrocyle, drove his own car, helped put our dock in the water…you see a difference over time.. but.it takes time to get to the place where it is just a part of you, and the supplies and the timing for “burping”. My friend also had very sensitive skin — and had to work out what soaps and creams to use on their body or not … all of which can be worked with over time and with practice – and by asking for medical practitioners help and advice…maybe even joining a local Ostemy support goup in your area. They also had diabetes to contend with so had to watch their diet and exerecise daily, gently.
My second friend contracted strep/pneumonia last winter and was in Intensive care in three days, where they were vented, had three tracherapies, and also put in, and was in Intensive Care for 5 weeks then a regualr step down room for 4 more, then had home physio as well. It is now 5 mths later and he is doing well at home.
Maybe consider talking to a massage therapist or nursing professional, about touch and healing touch – and also talk to a local person who specializes in meditation — it is fairly easy to learn and you control the situation…which is always about what losing your breath is about — regaining control, calming yourself and and remembering to breath.
Now — go look in the telephone book for a masage therapist and meditation class near you — sometimes even the hospitals will hold clinics.
Good luck and may blessing come down to help you. Take care….