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Dec 26, 2013 · Bed wetting in Kidney & Bladder

I have the same problem – sometimes my foley bag must be empited 2 or 3 times a night…

May 12, 2012 · Spirituality, religion and getting through life's challenges in Depression & Anxiety


I’m a Catholic Christian and probably would have lost my mind over these past 14 months had it not been for my faith and personal relationship with Jesus the Christ.

After being without serious illness for my entire life, at age 55 I lost my ability to urinate on my own, and have been with a foley (indwelling) catheter for the past 14 months.

To this day, when in the bathroom at work I’ll notice other men relieving themselves naturally, and feel sadenned that I can no longer function that way, but through constant conversation with God, His Son and through the power of the Holy Spirit I’ve received the spirtual and mental and physical grace to keep going, through all the VERY unpleasant tests, through never-ending UTI’s, through ongoing bladder spasms, and the fear that my life will be cut short by this medical condition that has no real cure, other than the brutal self-catherization every 4-6 hours or the dangerous foley catheter or SP tube (again, I have the foley).

I’ve had my faith since being baptized as an infant, but it began to grow in a special way after my parents passed on in the 1980’s, and continued with the help of my second oldest sister (a parish volunteer and volunteer at administering communion), until she passed away from cancer 5 years ago.

I’ve always been a poor patient even for minor issues due to a fear of medical procedures, so rest assured (lol) that this entire issue as been a nightmare for me, but I’ll talk and talk and talk to God – though sometimes get VERY upset and will accuse Him of “not doing His job or punishing me”, etc., but then apologize and turn to Him for support, so it’s an ongoing relationship that will not end until then end of my life on this Earth and then will be before God – with the hope that He will accept my life as it was – though I have to try my best with what’s left of it…

I’ll be traveling to Minnesota in early June for an assessment at the Mayo Clinic and am praying that the folks there will be able to do more than my local urologists, but at least it will be worth the long trip, because I believe God is offering it to me – because miracles do happen (as I’ve seen them happen many times over the years in the lives of others and my own) when we go forward with nothing but our faith in His providence…