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Sep 21, 2012 · male incontinence in Kidney & Bladder

I suffer from both. Fecal is however always like a severe case of diareha.

May 10, 2012 · male incontinence in Kidney & Bladder

Hello there, I suffer from complete incontinence aftera car wreck 8 years ago. I have been to doctors and had tests and more tests done. Still to this day they can not determine the exact cause of it, other then severe nerve damage. In the wreck I ended up breaking my right hip, and ended up with a spinal injury. Both of which I still have not recovered from. If you every need anyone to talk to, just drop me a line. I finally learned to accept it and not let it control my life anymore. I wish you the best of luck.

May 10, 2012 · Friend suffering from back pain in Men's Health

Hello there, about 3 years ago I also had back surgery. I have not fully recovered from that. In Oct. of 2011 I had to leave my job sitting at a desk because I could not function between the pain and the lack of sleep. In January my surgeon had me try a bone stimulator divice becuase he believed that my bone never fused back together like it should have. It started to work, after 3 months I am back to where I was before. Still unable to work or stand for long periods of time. I am not sure what kind of suregery your friend had, but if he had a fusion done. You might have him talk to his doctor about the bone stimulator belt. I am possibly looking at having to have surgery again. My surgeon wanted to replace the disk but due to insurance they wouldn’t let him unitl I had a fusion. I wish your friend the best of luck. I konw how he feels and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.