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Feb 3, 2017 · Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis in Digestive Health

I will highly recommend Mayo Clinic since they are research oriented and know how to properly diagnose the problem. In my discovery proper foods is the best healer but too many years of not knowing how to eat properly plus stress puts us in a special health situation. Please learn diet and eating proper foods for your future healing. Black stool to me usually comes from internal bleeding but not always. You should be in an emergency situation since pain can mean infection also. Since a year and a half ago by changing my diet healed many diseases including diabetes and Crohn’s. My acid stomach and reflux stopped after 50 years that was worth eating right. Good luck to you.

Jan 30, 2017 · Chronic lumbar and neck/shoulder pain in Spine Health

Neck pain could be from several sources. I assume they did an X-ray or CT scan to see if you have bone spurs. The one I have is from a nerve from gallbladder to the brain and it is on the right side of the neck. It gets inflamed and causes sharp pain and impacts my right shoulder. But if you have lymphoma that tells me your diet was impacting your health. In general we believe we can eat any thing we wish, but we don’t understand what we eat impacts our health. My discovery have been the behavior of the liver that controls our health. My control of inflamation have been vegetables and for quick fix raw vegetables. I am impressed how quick the system responds to raw vegetables. Much faster than any medication. The liver is the boss of our health but medical science is ignoring it. In 1960 a Doctor in Italy cleaned my liver with shots and I was brand new for 3 years. I needed surgery to remove part of my intestines do to sharp pain and no one have touched my intestines ever since. Now I know that I had Crohn’s disease. I believe as I have done it if you change your diet to vegetables with protein (fish, chicken, or low fat meat) and no processed foods or soft drinks or any alcohol and carbohydrates within one week you will see how your health will make a u turn. The internet is full of such information but no one is listening to it. I started a year and a half ago and removed all my health problems specially diabetes and acid stomach and reflux. I believe we were designed for the jungle and eating raw vegetables must have an impact in our health. I heard it from a friend whose employee had many health issues and converting to raw vegetables for five months and going back to her doctor shocked him. I tested it for several times and noticed how fast impacts my inflamation and pain therefore I believe the story I heard. Please be aware of what you eat the system is capable of fixing it self in a short time. My best wishes.

Jan 26, 2017 · 11 Effective Solutions for Heartburn

I believe if you change your diet you will free your self from such problems. Be aware of the liver it’s intelligence and sensitivity. Avoid processed foods eat only freshly prepared foods. It stopped my 50 year acid stomach and reflux. Good luck.

Jan 26, 2017 · 11 Effective Solutions for Heartburn

I discovered heartburn is liver controlled activity. After a treatment in Italy in 1960 I had no stomach acidity and reflux for 3 years. Now I confirmed a year ago that the liver controlled our acid and reflux. After suffering from it for 50 years suddenly as I changed my diet to vegetables and protein and removed all breads and carbohydrates and I don’t have such activities remaining. The liver loves vegetables specially raw vegetables. I practiced my theory after eating jello and experiencing acid stomach flow in generous amounts I ate celery (a raw vegetable) on the third stick the acid came to sharp stop. My system responds to raw vegetables so quickly that all the incidents I heard about people healing from eating raw vegetables is acceptable by me.
A year and a half ago I was forced to change my diet do to neck pain noticing my pain increased as I ate breads and sweet deserts and lowered by eating vegetables with protein. By continuing my diet the following changes took place:
1. A 50 year of GERD acid stomach and reflux stopped.
2. My esophagus ulcers were cured.
3. All my pain of lower back, hands, neck, and joints stopped. It was called arthritis pain.
4. My Crohn’s disease went into remission.
5. My memory from having difficulty started to work like never before. I can recall most items immediately.
6. My intestines started to work properly and not constupated any more.
7. My eye sight improved but I do supplement with carrot juice once in a while.
8. I reversed diabetes. My neuropathy remains in low levels and reminds me when I eat offensive foods.
I do use liver supplements called Liver Support Factors by Country Life. It was helping me but my eating bread habits was defeating the effects. Now I noticed the positive impact of the peels. When I am true to my diet I do not take the pills. Any pills are not liver friendly but fresh food is. I hope i was able to shed some light to this old problem. Flour and sugars are killing us and causing many health problems.

Dec 20, 2016 · Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis in Digestive Health

My experience with Crohn’s, inflammation, intestinal wall inflammation, and inflammation pain. All are products of the liver. My knowledge is based on a 1960 treatment in Italy. My liver was cleaned and had no pain or inflammation for 3 years after two week treatment. If you are eating bread that welcomes inflamation. I can now play with inflamation and its pain. My medicine is raw vegetables. Today I made a salad with arugula, zucchini, broccoli, avocado, spinach, and tomatoes. With olive oil and lemon as dressing. Within one hour I feel the lower of the pain if it is almost all gone. I ate few apricots they usually have preservatives and I felt the slow pain on my hands. The liver is a super intelligent organ and produces a lot of illnesses. If you learn how to work with it you can regain all your health. For 1 1/2 year now I took control of my health. I learned that the liver likes vegetables specially raw. I have tested multiple times and yes I agree with the experts since it works. What you put in your mouth is effecting your health. Also stress is a big contributor. Check have a lot of YouTube videos explaining how the system works. Learn about food and stress that is your healthier future.

Dec 19, 2016 · Preventative surgery to remove affected GI area from Crohn's in Digestive Health

The Doctor prescribed supplements in the form of shuts: Methionine (now a discontinued supplement), vitamin B-12, and vitamin K. Liver cleaning is dangerous since it impacts the veins. But in my case it was better than Crohn’s pain impact. The Liver Support Factors pills have Methionine in it but many other good supplements. Also I learned Alpha Lipoic Acid does a similar cleaning used for Neuropathy extensively in Russia according my doctor. For me the most healing is a good diet. I am so impressed how my body removed so many illnesses with proper diet in such a short time.

Dec 19, 2016 · Preventative surgery to remove affected GI area from Crohn's in Digestive Health

Vegetables are anti inflammation better than most medications. I can now eat an item that sets inflammation and make me a smoothie with raw vegetables and within less than an hour my inflammation pain stops. Food starts inflammation but to accept that is very difficult but looking for a pill it is easy. The impact of a diet is more powerful than any medication positive or negative. Good luck to you.

Dec 19, 2016 · Preventative surgery to remove affected GI area from Crohn's in Digestive Health

I read about your option of surgery. The problem is when you remove a part of the intestines the next part will produce the same problem. If the area is so damaged that cannot be working any more than you will need to remove it. They were going to remove part of my intestines in 1960 do to severe pain that kept me in bed over 3 months. I was 15 years old than and I am 72 now. No one have touched my intestines except for raptured appendix where I asked for a surgeon since 12 days have gone by before we realized what the problem was. I will say no to surgery unless there is no other solution. When Dr Crohn’s wrote his theory said the illness impacts the liver but he didn’t conclude that a clean liver impacts the disease. I was very fortunate to have learned that in 1960 by being treated by an Italian Doctor who cleaned my liver and I was brand new for 3 years. In my interpretation there are two elements to Crohn’s first stress second diet. We don’t know how to eat right since we don’t understand the liver who is an intelligent organ. Also stress can be minimized with exercise the best medicine for it. As I am learning the liver don’t like the 3 whites: flour, sugar, and salt. Every one knows that except me. I have learned it by experimenting with inflammation pain. I have learned the liver loves vegetables specially raw vegetables. By removing sugar, carbohydrates, flour, and any processed foods and drinks I achieved the following: I put Crohn’s in remission, I reversed almost type 2 diabetes, reversed triglycerides problem, I stopped over 50 years of acid stomach and reflux GERD, removed lower back pain and other joint pains and neck pains, and regained my memory. All of these just by understanding the liver. The liver talks to us but we don’t listen. I used Liver Support Factors pills and it helped but the diet was the main solution. I never knew how damaging bread was but now I understand it. The internet is full of this information but no one is reading it or have problems believing it. I can now understand and prove what people know since I have verified. To make a GI doctor understand this concept is impossible. Also to learn how to eat right is not an easy task. My best wishes to you.