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Tue, Feb 4 10:28am · Gastroparesis with severe symptoms! in Digestive Health

I have given up trying to explain that I have Crohn’s, GERD, diabetes, and a lot of pain. If my family had arthritis I had the same problem I am told. All was false diagnosis. I’ve been telling different doctors that I was cured in 1960, but because it was not drugs that couldn’t be correct. Now I learned all about GERD, diabetes, Crohn’s, and memory all controlled by the same source. My treatment in 1960 by an Italian Doctor was shots of: Methionine, B-12, and vitamin K. A two week treatment and I avoided surgery to remove part of my inflamed intestines do to severe pain. Last year from a neck pain I solved all my problems. I noticed eating bread and sugar increased my pain but eating vegetables decreased the pain. I changed my diet per a friend suggestion and the following happened. I was able to stop all my bodies pain including neck, hands, lower back, and knees area intermittent pain. Also by it self GERD stopped. I had it for over 50 years but I knew from the Italian treatment it stopped for 3 years. My diagnosis is the liver since Methionine cleanse the Free Radicals of the liver and I am sure it does other things. I located some liver supplement pills but it helped until I ate the wrong food again. Now I have GERD completely under control and so my intestines and memory. Also my diabetes reversed to normal. I removed bread and any flour products, removed all carbohydrates, soft drinks or any thing with preservatives. I make fresh smoothie drinks fruits and raw vegetables and it controls all my pain within one hour. I eat what I shouldn’t and get the pain activated and Neuropathy, but vegetables specially raw vegetables is better than any drug medicines. Why doctors keep it secret? The Internet is full of good information about what I am talking, but no one wants to hear specially when they hear about that bread is the source of many diseases. Sugar also. My neck pain have been my trainer and learning even to pay attention to fresh fruit sugars. So far so good since after many blood test and Ct Scan I was told by my doctor that I figured out there is no medication for me. I also lowered my blood pressure to normal and healed all my ulcers that was on my esophagus from acid stomach. I wished I knew all of these 50 years ago and not suffer from GERD like I did. Try what I am saying it will cure you in few days. I hope it will help you.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

Did you read my comments? About vegetables and protein simple and clean diet. Processed foods are very effective and are causing problems. The best is steamed or cooked vegetables with olive oil or chicken broth. Low salt. No bread, carbohydrates, and sugars. I am learning about the behavior of the liver. Never suspected bread and sweets causing diabetes, triglycerides, GERD, Crohn’s, high blood pressure, and inflammation pain sometimes called arthritis. I have all those under control understanding how the liver works. The liver loves vegetables specially raw. I heard of incidents people healing eating raw vegetables. I’ve tested it and it takes the inflammation pain down in one hour. I am scared of the bacteria concentration therefor I cook the vegetables. But if I eat things I shouldn’t and get a lot of pain I eat raw vegetables specially broccoli and cauliflower. I take charge of the pain quickly. The secret is the medical science must learn how to test the liver to know the quantities of free radicals, toxins, fat, and other trouble makers that accumulates in the liver. How is the liver functioning as the person is suffering from IBS or Crohn’s. If doctors had to pay for our medicines from their own pocket I wonder what they will advise. It will be a totally different treatment I am sure. I am convinced since 1960 that the liver controls our health. I almost lost part of my intestines to correct diagnosis of severe inflamación causing a lot of pain medication not able to stop. A doctor in Italy knew what to do immediately when he touched my pain and I fainted. He cleaned my liver. I was brand new for 3 years and never lost part of my intestines. I can’t convince the Doctors in USA that there are treatments that removes inflammation, allergies, Crohn’s, IBS, arthritis, memory problems just by understanding the liver. Why is it that nutritionist know it and our medical doctors don’t know it. It makes me very upset specially when they will not listen. I heard the liver have about 500 functions so easy to get us sick even one of the function if not working properly. I hope Mayo Clinic does something about it.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

Interesting how the system works. I heard from that the pancreas produces some hormons that digest vegetables. He doesn’t have the ability to digest broccoli. I am very fortunate that it helps me and don’t react to it. The liver, pancreas, and gallbladder work together. Stress impacts them and the medication for stress is exercise. Also the splin have a lot to do with such problems. There are tests to check each organ. My experience have been a clean liver gives you all the health and removes many symptoms. If the pancreas is not working properly a doctor can guide you to heal it properly. I also heard from nutritionist that coloidal or certain minerals help rebuild the pancreas. Check with Dr Wallach he has a book on “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” there are a lot of websites that sell items, but your interest is your specific problem. Have you gone to Mayo Clinic for examination? What did they recommend? They are the best in the world. I hope soon they will combine nutrition with drugs to help heal us.
For me flaxseed is making my intestines work properly. It it is a fiber item that will react with you. Have you taken any stress management class? It maybe the source of your symptoms. Under stress the organs don’t work properly. Since I was able to put Crohn’s in remission I have a good understanding how the system is operating. The doctor setup my next appointment four months from now. I have not resolve my inflammation problem that I had for many years but now I have it isolated and responds to vegetables. But I do eat items out of diet and get the pain. My best wishes to you.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

I am so sorry to hear about your health issues. Please review utube recordings to understand health problems. Rice and bread are the sources of inflammation and pain. Actually sugar is, but since the system converts all carbohydrates into sugars they are the source of the problems. Also all processed foods, can foods, spicy foods, preservatives, and flour products. This is just to heal from all problems but later you can add them to your diet once you are healthy. The health secret is to consume a lot of vegetables with protein (fish, chicken, and meat). Vegetables are broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, celery, some carrots, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, and other items that are helpful but not offensive. Fresh fruits but no cakes. If you eat a pizza and have stomach problems look at the ingredients bread and processed tomatoes paste. Not the cheese as much or fresh tomatoes. Bread is a health destroyer and I consumed it for 70 years. I removed all the flour products and carbohydrates from my diet and reversed all my health problems. Including put Crohn’s in remission. Sugar is the source of depression also.
I hope I gave you a new direction to take it seriously. You should heal in couple of weeks at the most. Otherwise there maybe other problems where a doctor must help you.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

You are absolutely right about the diet you discovered. My findings is the liver likes the special diet. The liver loves vegetables I believe because it was originally designed for the jungle. I heard people eating raw vegetables and healing a lot of ailments, but I am sure they don’t have IBS. My lower back and neck pain plus Neuropathy is giving me all the signals about what I should eat. I discovered vegetables decreased the pain but bread and sugar increased the pain. I stopped consuming all carbohydrates and loaded on vegetables. Not only my pain went down but suddenly my 50 years of GERD stopped. I learned about the liver and inflammation in 1960. But last year I realized how it worked. Now I can eat some bread and get the pain and load on vegetables and stop the pain. Raw vegetables is where I observe how fast it calms the pain within one hour. I am afraid consuming raw vegetables because of bacteria but the quick effects is teaching me how the system works. I am taking Liver Support Factors pills to help the liver when I eat things out of diet and yes it helps. With the pills and diet I put Crohn’s in remission that is a big job. But my stress levels also are much lower because I am not working. Keep up with your diet and avoid any processed foods or drinks. My best wishes to you.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

I am sorry to hear about your suffering. I discovered that the liver is in control of our health. I have Crohn’s and suffered a lot but more constipation than diarrhea. The most devistating was acid stomach and reflux. In 1960 they were about to remove part of my intestines do to severe pain and five doctors said surgery in a consultation meeting. My mom took me to a doctor in Italy and he knew immediately that it was the liver. He cured me with shots of Methionine, vitamin B-12, and vitamin K. I can’t explain this process to any doctor in USA since they don’t believe the liver could do such thing and Methionine is not a drug. I never understood the damage bread have caused my entire life. Last year I discovered that diet is the secret to success. The liver loves vegetables but all fresh. Any item that offends the liver all symptoms are back. Most of the available foods are liver offenders. We only learn them when we get very sick. I noticed that bread, sugar, and carbohydrates increased my pain and vegetables decreased the pain on my neck and lower back. For many years I was told it was arthritis but now I know is the liver. Since your system is in more trouble than normal you have to make sure your food is blend and mashed. Including fruits have to be cooked and eat as compote. I remember rice controlled diarrhea but it is also carbohydrates. Just be aware that your stress levels and food diets is causing the problems most likely. Also medication can offend the liver and doctors are not paying attention to it. There is so much new knowledge out there in the cellular level they are forgetting the functions of the liver. Exercise, blend foods, vegetables, protein (fish, chicken, or non fat meat) eating together will improve your health in days. Vegetables should be cooked and put in a blender to mash it. Nothing processed should be eaten. Just fresh vegetables and fresh meals. No soft drinks just herbal tea and water. Avoid coffee until you feel better. I have put Crohn’s in remission and you should control IBS. One small wrong item will cause a flare up so be aware of it. I am now using flaxseed to control my intestines and it makes them work perfectly well since it is fiber. You have to wait until the diarrhea stops. Avoid bread and sugars for the recovery duration. Once you are better than introduce them one at the time and check if it is offensive to your system. Vegetables are: zucchini, brocoli, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, and no bell peppers, onions, and garlic until you recover. It is amazing how sensitive the system is and how fast it recovers. If doctors had to pay for medication out of their pocket I am sure they will recommend to eat more vegetables. Please take very seriously what you consume. You have offensive items in your diet plus stress plus lack of exercise. I hope I gave you a direction to understand the source of our health.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

I am a Crohn’s patient that was discovered 50 years after my problem started when I was about 14. First symptom was acid in my stomach and later many symptoms including headache, pain, and memory problems. IBS have similar qualities. I learned that if you clean the liver all symptoms stops. I was treated in Italy with shots of Methionine, B12, and Vitamin K and had no symptoms for over two years. At the time I was 15 years old and now 67 and dealing with the same problems. The American doctors are uneducated in the nutrition area.
I was in The Vitamin Shop and read the ingredients and purchased a bottle for experiment and it worked great. I had a lot of problems especially lately and I am treating my self in the last few months with Liver Support Factors vitamins by Country Life. I can eat any disturbing foods and the pills makes the symptoms go away. I am looking for a doctor who is educated to know and understand that a clean liver stops most of the problems that the body have. I am also suffering from a lot of muscular pain and these pills are taken them away.

Feb 3, 2017 · Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis in Digestive Health

I will highly recommend Mayo Clinic since they are research oriented and know how to properly diagnose the problem. In my discovery proper foods is the best healer but too many years of not knowing how to eat properly plus stress puts us in a special health situation. Please learn diet and eating proper foods for your future healing. Black stool to me usually comes from internal bleeding but not always. You should be in an emergency situation since pain can mean infection also. Since a year and a half ago by changing my diet healed many diseases including diabetes and Crohn’s. My acid stomach and reflux stopped after 50 years that was worth eating right. Good luck to you.