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May 5, 2012 · Migraines in Brain & Nervous System

I get really bad migraines too – cant take the meds either – the only thing I find that helps is magnesium and some of the anti-histamines to help with the inflamamtion, but check with your doc because you have to take them at different times so you can absorb them, and some of them work differently

May 5, 2012 · Link between Ovarian Cysts & Digestive System? in Digestive Health

i’ve had a mixed bag of debilitating symptoms too….been tested for lots of things and all kinds of diagnoses… the latest line of thought is some underlying systemic disorder that ties the symptoms together….I have a high level of natural histamine and lots of allergies which creates chronic general inflammation … it may worth while to rule out a mast cell disorder – systemic mastocytosis used to be considered a rare disorder, but that is changing. Look it up and see what you think