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Apr 24, 2012 · Hidradenitis suppurativa in Skin Health

i has my first hs cyst at 18. 6 major surgeries with recurrences at site of surgery before area even healed. finally i found an absolutely wonderful, caring pa who researched this [never before diagnosed] problem. Methylpredsinolone dose pack started at first sign of lump IMMEDIATELY resolved problem and cyst disappeared. We also tried bactrim but found no difference with abx added. also noticed through the years that cysts often followed mentsural cycles – worsening before start and lessening after period ended. But without prednisone, cysts seemed to come back worse second time. though not proven, my own personal theory is hs is affected by hormone fluctuations and stress. If you have hs, please try the methylprednisonlone dose pack. You will be AMAZED! My PA is my hero and I thank Heaven every day for her and her willingness to research my symptoms and find the closest thing to a cure there is. If you live in kansas, I would be happy to share her name even though I don’t want to share her.