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Sun, Mar 15 3:58pm · Are you one of the 20,000 transplants performed at Mayo Rochester? in Transplants

I am a Mayo Clinic liver transplant. They were incredible. I broke my back January of 2011. Healed at Mayo, could not have surgery because of condition of liver. Spent many weeks laying flat. I went home with a brace. Right after I had the brace removed I fell at my home and fractured the ball of my hip. Back to Mayo. Had to have surgery and physical therapy. Recovered and went home with stitches down my leg. Before the stitches could be removed the call came that a liver had been found. Surgery was successful! After almost 6 months of in and out of Mayo, I went home. Mayo was there for me every step of the way to finally being well and they are there for me now.

May 29, 2019 · Hi I’m scared for my liver transplant in Transplants

Hope all is fine! I spent a long time in Mayo Rochester. Almost 6 months with the broken back, broken hip and transplant. I always felt I had the best care possible. My surgeon and his staff were absolutely the best. It took a bit of time and work to get pass the shape my body was in and stronger, you just keep at it. It has been 8 years. You will get better every day. I have yearly checkups now which I actual look forward to because I trust Mayo to do the best possible checkup. I had them a lot closer together but as time went by they were further apart, so now once a year. Take care!

May 29, 2019 · Hi I’m scared for my liver transplant in Transplants

You should not be afraid of your transpant. I was much older than you (58) when I had mine and very very ill. My transplant was proceeded by a broken back and then hip. So I was really in bad shape and had to heal before a transplant could happen. I am surprised if you went to Mayo in Rochester they did not discuss your insurance problem with you. Each Mayo has different procedures with insurance. If you want disability and you have stage 4 you need a disability lawyer. Medicare will ignore you forever. The disability lawyers in MN. can only take a flat fee and only if they succeed. I got $50,000 based on lost wages and years disabiled. They took $5000. So the rest was mine and I have disability from Medicare. Do a lot of research.

Oct 12, 2012 · Liver Transplant in Transplants

You are welcome. There is a point where there is not a lot medication can do. I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease in 1997. I kept on going for almost 14 years thanks to great medicine and great care. Starting in late 2010 my liver began to quickly fail. I was going to mayo ever week for paracentesis. My Meld score was increasing. Mayo usually waits to one reaches a particular Meld score before activitily seeking a transplant. If your dad has talked to Mayo transplant surgeons he should know all this and you should too. I know they will do every thing they can for him.

Oct 11, 2012 · Liver Transplant in Transplants

Oh….good luck to your Dad! I know he will be just find under the remarkable teams at Mayo.

Oct 11, 2012 · Liver Transplant in Transplants

It did not take very long for Mayo to find a liver for me, just a couple of months. That said I was willing to accept different options. My donor liver was involved in a criminal activity that made it a high risk liver. There are other reasons a donor liver can be considered high risk. I was also willing to do several different types of transplants. Mayo can explain better than me what those are, I would liked to have done a partial transplant but all my siblings were just a year or so to old. I was very lucky it happened so fast, it is usually a longer wait. I was stage 4.

Mar 19, 2012 · I WANT TO DISCUSS HEP C TREATMENT in Infectious Diseases

I should of said that as your meld score gets higher you get closer to a transplant. Mine was not high enough when I initially went to Mayo, but over the years it went up. I was already end stage in 1997.

Mar 19, 2012 · I WANT TO DISCUSS HEP C TREATMENT in Infectious Diseases

Nancy, if they did a liver biopsy you should know your degree of damage. If they have not yet done that Mayo will probably do one and they will want to determine your Meld score, but of course it will vary from person to person. I had periodic tests from my gastroenterologist; MRI, endoscopes, ultrasounds, blood work. Mayo will do their own. We only lived a little under two hours away, so we went back and forth. The liver transplant team should be able to tell you at least part of what to expect and how long to plan on being there. You get in the transplant system and you are moved up as your disease progresses. Mayo will probably want you to have blood tests done on a regular basis when you get home. l think that Dr. Michael Charlton was the first person we meet with. It is hard to remember the exact order of everything. Dr. Charlton is the medical director. I was in and out of Mayo (hospitalized) so much that some things just blend together. They are the best in the business and will work solidly to help you. I hope things get better for you. Write me anytime. Karen