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Oct 25, 2012 · Undefined connective tissue disorder in Just Want to Talk

DX with seronegetive arthralgia which is another name for connective tissue disorder, which is an autoimmune disease… . And also DX with postural orthostatic tachycardia, which they feel is caused by the autoimmune. I’m now on plaquinil, low dose of prednisone and methotrexate (chemo pill) for the autoimmune, blood pressure med for the POTS..Mayo clinic said they think my rheumatologist is doing a fine job.. To stay on his regimen and recheck in a year.. Since then this autoimmune disease is messing with everything (autonomic system, blood sugar, blood pressure) and there r days that I am completely debilitated and in bed.. But I do have my good days as well.. I think for me, it’s been well over 2 years since I have had this and I have finally excepted that I have an autoimmune disease and just need to concentrate on staying healthy as possible.. And do what works for me.. So I take the meds that r prescribed ( which I absolutely hate).. Continue to force myself to do my crossfit at physical therapy pace (not competition, cause that really messing me up and puts me down for days) eating heathly ( follow the Paleo diet) went down to 4 days a week of working (my PCP wanted me completely off work) stay connected with people that r going through similar things and understand, Join support groups/forum/FB.. And most important rest, which is the hardest part for me.. (Linda Hughes from Bellevue Mi on FB I have a dragonfly picture if u’d like to befriend me) I’m really sorry for what ur going through..

Mar 4, 2012 · Undefined connective tissue disorder in Just Want to Talk

I also have heartburn, headaches and skin sores, nose sores and itchy skin, but I’m on hormone therapy. So I don’t know if some of it is from that.. Have u been to the Mayo Clinic? I go March 13, 2012. Hoping I can get some answers there.. I have not been able to work out.. I still keep trying but can’t even make it through my workout..