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I was diagnosed with N.M.O. and have been suffering from horrible muscle spasms, now for a substantial period of time, 6 months to 1yr, with these and have not found any information regarding a cure or Medication that’s specific for this condition related to N.M.O./M.S., except; legally prescribed narcotics, and muscle relaxers, that don’t work effectively. Please let me how if anyone knows of a specific medication for the spasms,and or a proven treatment for Tonic Spasms. Thank you, Paubla.

Mar 5, 2012 · Recently diagnosed with N.M.O. in Spine Health

Some people may be experiencing different levels of pain, related to the same conditions created by the disease, and so are individualized occurrences. TONIC SPASMS are related to N.M.O, as well as M.S. patients who suffer from these specific SPASMS. It’s complicated to realize that this painful condition is part of the condition will be living with, and most learn to deal with it, somehow. I hope someone could tell me that they recovered from TONIC SPASMS, and or cured from them. Please let’s keep asking and finding an encouraging answer to all this. PAubla.

Mar 5, 2012 · Looking for info about Devic's Disease / Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) in Brain & Nervous System

I truly hope they do, it scares me to horror to believe that these pains would never go away. The Institutions working on a CURE FOR N.M.O., need to be BLESSED BY GOD, and given the knowledge and understanding to come up with an effective cure, and or treatment for our pain. I asked my Neurologist if my TONIC SPASMS would go away, or subside and she said, that because of the Legion on my spinal cord(Which is one factor used in the Diagnosis of NMO), that it didn’t seem likely that this would just go away, If anyone has a different response, please let us know. GOD BLESS YOU, Paubla.

Mar 5, 2012 · From what I understand, the symptoms experienced by N.M.O. Patients are similar in Just Want to Talk

From what I understand, the symptoms experienced by N.M.O. Patients are similar to those experienced by M.S. patients, and Tonic Spasms are one of these symptoms. I never knew they were related until finding an article; relating Neuromyletis Optica with Tonic Spasms, and a Muscle relaxer is prescribed. Log onto the Institute of neurological disorder, and perform some research. Anyway I still suffer from them, and my neurologist states that she’s willing to change my medication(Baclofen), and try something else to alleviate the pain of these horrible spasms. I would really like to believe, and know that I’am a survivor, and will outlive these symptoms until a cure is found. Please let me know of any long term survivors of NMO, and how they’re dealing with existing conditions, and what medications they’re taking. Life should go on with N.M.O., and be understood as a manageable condition. Thank you; Paubla “luckygirl”

Mar 3, 2012 · Recently diagnosed with N.M.O. in Spine Health

I was diagnosed with NMO, last month, and suffer from chronic painful spasms called Tonic Spasms. I was prescribed Gabapentin, and some oxycodone, to no avail. I need to know if I will ultimately overcome these spasms and become better without feeling this horrible pain, that shots down my ribcage, down my legs. Sometimes both legs. When this happens it’s the worse. Please let me know if you know about any specific Medication for Tonic Spasms, that makes them go away. Thank you, Paubla Liriano.