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Jan 29, 2012 · agoraphobia in Digestive Health

What medications helped you with this?

Jan 27, 2012 · depersonalization disorder and anxiety in Mental Health

I am struggling with this majorly right now. I experienced it in high school (which was about 15 yrs ago) but had no idea what it was. It is back in full force. It was brought on by current stress due to my divorce. I thought I was going crazy…and still think I might be. It has actually caused me to develop agoraphobia. I am getting to the point that I am afraid to leave the house because everything seems so unreal and I feel so detached from myself. I have not found anyone…doctors, counselors, etc. who will even address the issue. They just say…take anti-depressants…which from what I have researched in many cases makes it EXTREMELY worse. I am frustrated and afraid of losing my job due to it. I take fish oil, B12, folic acid and magnesium. I have been researching and grasping for anything to try. I would appreciate any feedback 🙂