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Jun 5, 2012 · Spirituality, religion and getting through life's challenges in Depression & Anxiety

Keeping you in my thougths and prayers, still, and I did so all day, hoping to hear from you tomorrow….love, hugs and prayers are flying their way to you and your mom.

Jun 4, 2012 · Issues that Concern You in Depression & Anxiety

How wonderful that your work is being so understanding….there are so many who would find themselves in a much more difficult place. I love study, it is a chance for us to grow and I truly believe that growth is essential for our happiness while here on earth. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope to hear that all is going as you dream it will. marylynette

Jun 3, 2012 · Issues that Concern You in Depression & Anxiety

Having lost the ability to work at age 34 I understand the feelings and confusion surrounding your situation. If you can find a way to stay where you are doing less taxing work it seems that might be a good first choice. I used to play my harp (when I could play) at a local hospice and loved those who have the courage and heart to work in palliative and respite areas of health care. It takes a very special person to do that and I can sense that you would be one of the best angels for those in the final stages of their journey here on earth. Your kind heart and words shine through your writing and I am sure would be felt even more by those in your presence.

Jun 2, 2012 · Issues that Concern You in Depression & Anxiety

You and your mom will be in my prayers and thoughts on Monday….I am having only a minor procedure done at Mayo, but since it is being done by a vascular surgeon it will be quite easy to keep your mom and her heart surgery, and you and your love for her in my mind…..I wish I had known life with a mom who loved me and whom I could love and feel the concern for that you obviously have for yours. It must be difficult to have her living in another state at a time like this and I just want to remind you that the Lord loves all of his children and will be with you and your mom on Monday. As she goes through the surgery know that she will be in the comfort of his arms. Marylynette

Jun 2, 2012 · Fibromyalgia or not in Infectious Diseases

Please, please, please, don’t give up I, too, have been at the point of despair thinling that the future had nothing but pain and dioscomfort. I was 33 when I had to have an ileostomy and then they discovered that for me the cut did not cure my Ulcerative Colitis. I am now 62, and have lived with chronic physical problems as well as severe depression and PTSD. Somehow I have always found something to be glad about, and I will admit to a very close relationship with the Lord Jesus since I was a small chld. Last week I had reached the point of knowing I could not keep living the life I was being forced into by docs who wouldn’t listen. I prayed from deep within, with the Lord knowing that i understood he will not interfere with the actions of men. I told him that I did not want to keep looking back and see only one set of footprint…him carrying me. I prayed for him to help open the hearts of the docs so that they would see the reality of my life. After many years of my knowing I need IV hydration for my body to function, the cardiologist, the nephrologist and my doctor all agreed…..On Monday I will have a permanent port implaned in m y chest and will be able to receivethe fluids I need without rushed trips to the ER where it took 6 tries to get the IV in last time. I, too, have the diagnosis of Fibro, and have found that it is an illness which does seem to have no end to it. I have discovered that for me at least, hot baths withEpsom salts are of great benefit to a body filled with aches and pains. I had to give up playing the harp because of the pain. I am married (18 years in July) to a man who met me when I had the bag on my belly kind of ileostomy and the bag often leaked aned even fell off. He saw the me inside and was not turned away by the physical challenges of my life. Living with a disability such as you have, one that others cannot see and rarely understand, is a great challenge. Just know that you are not alone and there are many of us on this web site who understand the difficulties you are having. My prayers are with you…. and I send you a hug.marylynette

Jun 2, 2012 · I'll try this again, my computer is acting really weird. Anyway, last in Just Want to Talk

to continue, I then went to see my main doc. He was fantastic,. He said there was no way he expected me to drink a gallon of fluid a day and still need IV hydration….he said he would arrange for a port or line to be implanted and that I had been ri hght alll along when I said I did not see how they expected my body to suddenly adjust to no fulids after 5 years of daily hydration. He called the chief vascular surgeion at mayo do discuss my case and this man, whom I have never met, said that there was no way someone with the rapid transit time I have could be ecpected to keep my body properly hydrated without regular IV hydration, and that they needed to get a port in me witihin the next 14 days. On Monday I report to Mayo at 10 AM and am having a port implanted by a vascular surgeion, and they are the ones who will follow me because they believe that it is best for them to be in charge of implanted ports that are for the rest of the pateints life. The port will have two lumens so that I will never have to be stuck for blood tests, he said anyone with alll the difficulties I have had need not be poked anymore if a port is in place. My doc said that much of this is because of my insistance that he put into my record the fact that the constrast fluid for my recent ultra sound went through me in 10 minutes, not the normal 45-60/. this fact alone had every doc saying that it was no wonder I could not hydrate or absorb so many things. They have also come to understand why I must stay on the EmSam whcih is considered a last resort anti depressant, and the whole team said that Lortab, in a very small dose, taken regularly, will not harm kidneys or lliver and will control the pain from the rapid transit and from the many, oh so many, adhesions which flourish in my gut after the major surgeries I have had.
Needless to say I am thrilled, and happy, for evenb though I must give up my beloved up to the chin baths I will be able to start living a more normal life again. Hallelujah, the Lord has finally answered my prayers.

May 23, 2012 · I keep having urine tests come back showing the presence of bacteria, in Just Want to Talk

I keep having urine tests come back showing the presence of bacteria, but since I can’t take oral antbiotics and the bacteria can’t be identified by cultures the doctors are kind of ignoring the fact. I do see a kidney doc next week and plan on asking him about this…..I have chronic dehydration which the doctors are trying to decide on how to treat and decide if it is a part of the reason for the repeated UTIs. Hope you are feeling better. marylynett @birdntroutlady

May 23, 2012 · Spirituality, religion and getting through life's challenges in Depression & Anxiety

Don’t ever stop dreaming. I have often found myself singing “The Impossible Dream” when times are tough, and I know that as long as I keep striving to live my life knowing that I am loved by God and trying always to be more loving in my heart I willl kknow more happiness, or at least less pain. I have a son who has not been in touch with me for over 10 years and yet I do not give up hope. I have doctors, who , like you say, see the numbers from the tests and because they fall in the “normal” range they do not believe I have a real problem. And so my illness has gone untreated, even by the docs at Mayo, since last November, except when I had to go to the ER. Roxie’s grammie sounds a lot like my granny squirt who was ever so honest and who taught me love when I did not know it in my own home. She always said the same thing as Roxie’s grammie, evil never rests….Satan is alive and well and unfortunately being quite successful. It is up to us to be strong and remember to forgive and hand those who bully and hurt us, those who dismiss our problems, they all must someday stand before the Lord and explain just why they treated us so poorly. I have always played the Pollyanna glad game, before I knew what it was, and it really has helped me get through my life. Although not easy I find something in each day to be glad about, sometiimes I do it more than once if I am having a really tough day…it can be something as simple as the joy of seeing a hummingbird at the feeder at our front window and thinking of the wpnders of Gpd’s beautiful world. Take care and know you will be in my thoughts and prayers, and I am giving you an invisible hug right now. marylynette