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Mar 4, 2012 · Lower limb lymphedema in Cancer

howdy! 🙂 hope this finds u well! i have stumbled onto a new take on food! while researching how to help my hubby get off his diabetic meds i have come across the book THE 30DAY DIABETIC CURE! Fab book its more of a lifestyle change then any thing, but in just on week i have noticed a difference! so we r keeping our fingers crossed! lolololol the flexitouch is helping but also causing some problems w/ my joints! evid. it aggrav. arthritis! yippy sippy! heehee! take care, jilly:)

Mar 4, 2012 · Lower limb lymphedema in Cancer

Bless Your Heart!!!!!! Thank you for replying! I totally get it about knowing you are not alone! I have just recently changed my entire eating habits and it seems to be helping!!! ABSOULTLY NO SODA and as little processed foods as possible, in one week i have lost weight(water) and feel sooo much better, i have also cut out bread completely and limited amts of taters! I drink mainly evian and have 1 cxup of green tea w/ stevia for my caffeine fix! lol Iwas drinking a 8pk of small bottles of diet coke daily! my leg is feeling stronger and alot of the discomfort is subsiding! I don’t refer to this as dieting it is a lifestyle change! My hubby & i are both diabetic, he is on meds i am not, this is another reason for this change hopefully he will be able to wean off his meds in 3 months! There is a hormone called leptin which i believe is responc. for my not losing weight, i don’t know if weight is an issue for u ?? you might what research about it or ask yoyour dr. when i was on a 1300 cal. diet i gained! soooo frustrating! Good Luck!!!! I’ll be praying for you!

Feb 10, 2012 · Lower limb lymphedema in Cancer

Hello Kathy, Thank you so much for taking time to reply!!!! I live in Indiana and there are few who do lymphedema here! i am fortunate enuff to have had 2 wonderful ladies helping me w/ therapy, my 1st one helped save my leg, but after 2 yrs what she did quit working, i stopped responding to compression, then in 2008 i was told that i had uterian cancer! After my hysterectomy and incisional hernia repair # 3 i kinda gave up, in 2011 i was put in touch w/ my new therepist she discovered that my lymphedema had progressed to my abs even after her doing massage therepy i was still slow to respond, thats when she recommened that i get the flexitouch pump for home use! it took 3 months of argueing w/ insurance but finally it got approved, i have only been using it since Jan. 3 2012 but already am noticing some improvement! At times i really struggle with the emotional side of things! i went from working , riding horses, running w/ friends to totally disabled!!! i am on warafrin for life so that cuts horses, andi have gained 135 lbs which is not helping! somedays my fluid build up is extreme enuff to make daily chores impossible! Do u deal w/ cellulitis also? its rather a common occurance for me. Again THANK YOU for taking time to chat! May God Bless And Keep You Safe! Jilly:) ps i highly recommend the flexitouch pump by tactile systems!

Jan 16, 2012 · Lower limb lymphedema in Cancer

HELP! I have been looking around the site and there is very little discussion or info. about lower extremity lymphedema! Mine is a result of surgery, i had a DVT in my left leg from the groin to the knee . My leg is completely shot! the skin is rough, thick and scaly, also it is larger than my fight one! I also have had numerous incisional hernia repairs and a full hysterectomy as a result of uterian cancer, all happening after tthe gallbladder surgery which caused the dvt. I now have abdominal lymphedema also. I have gained 120lbs since 2007 and am on a 1300 cal. diet! Nothing seems to help w/ the weight issue since i can not exercise. I also had PE”S in both lungs & my lower right leg in 2007. I am getting ready to start treatment w/ the flexitouch machine, hoping this will help! It would be nice to share thoughts with someone else who has the same challenges i have!