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Jan 15, 2012 · laminectomy recovery in Spine Health

Hi, Bob
I did not experience any hand shakiness at all. Hopefully, your surgeon or family Dr. can offer some information regarding that. I would think there could be some residual effects from the anesthesia, especially if it was a long surgery, but certainly no expert concerning that. I’m glad that at least the pain in the legs is getting better. The only thing that touched the pain for me was Oxycontin, a derivitive of morphine. I made, what was later found to be a huge mistake, which was that I went to a chiropractor for the leg pain and by the 3rd treatment, I was literally dragging my left leg into his office. It was only then, that the chiropractor said I should have an MRI done. By the many manipulations that he performed on my back, the sciatic nerve had become badly impinged so the pain was probably much worse than it would have been if I had not had the chiropractor work on me. Lesson learned. Know what your’re dealing with before going to a chiropractor for something like that. You’re only 11 days post-op, Bob, and I’m sure Doctors always want to figure worst case scenerio so a person doesn’t become discouraged. In any case., I bet you’ll be” hale and hardy” by the time spring rolls around to enjoy the nice weather! Good luck as you continue to recuperate. Karen

Jan 15, 2012 · laminectomy recovery in Spine Health

Hi, Bob
Don”t know if my situation applies, but back in 2002 at the age of 50, I herniated a disk (L5S1) in my lower lumbar region of my back, causing excruiating leg pain (left ) ,which I shall never forget. I had a de-compression laminectomy performed which immediately took away the pain. The recovery was a “piece of cake,” however, within a couple of months, I re-herniated the same disk. This time I opted for a spinal injection which was done as an out patient and it took about 30 min or so. The second time I herniated the disk my pain level was only at about a 4, so not awful but just enough to keep me awake some nights so wanted to try the injection. I don’t think I would go the route of surgery again without at least trying the injection. I guess you can have up to 3 per year. I never had to go for another one. My daugher is an RN and didn’t want to tell me at the time I was going in for surgery, that there’s no such thing in her opinion, and what her experience as a nurse has told her, as one back surgery. Good luck, hope this helps.