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Tue, Sep 4 2:33pm · TKR at 7 weeks with flex at 95 and extension at -8? in Joint Replacements

My tkr was two weeks ago. I can get to 90 but I am concerned that isn't enough. I have the impression my PT expects more. Just makes me resent going even more.

Sun, Sep 2 9:23pm · Scared of pain in PT in Joint Replacements

Thanks John. I'm still at 90 two weeks out. I want to feel pleased but I don't think my PT is! Knee is swollen and my hope is that I will improve when that subsides.

Sun, Sep 2 9:19pm · After knee replacement surgery in Joint Replacements

Not sure if this will help, but …. they started me out on compression hose from the start with no end date in sight. I left them off one day and my leg and foot swelled twice their size. Put them back on and swelling in leg is gone but of course the knee is still swollen and this is to be expected. You only need wear the hose during the day but there is no harm in wearing them 24 hours/day if you are alone. You won't be able to put them on yourself so will be dependent on others. I wear mine 24/7 until a friend comes over to change every other day. Hope this works.

Wed, Aug 29 11:42am · Scared of pain in PT in Joint Replacements

Appreciate your input. I'm sitting here fearing my afternoon PT session. It shouldn't be that way. I will discuss with my PT.

Tue, Aug 28 5:10pm · Scared of pain in PT in Joint Replacements

I began outpatient rehab 5 days from left tkr. I medicate before going. There is no escaping the pain. The pt is thoughtful of my pain but pushes me more than I would normally go. She somehow got my knee to 90 degrees for a brief moment yesterday. I am more sore today. This is all a big mystery to me. Am I on target or way behind where I should be? Should this new joint be moving more freely 10 days out? I don't mean to scare you. This has been my experience and won't necessarily be yours. Interested in hearing how it goes for you and others.

Fri, Jul 6 4:33pm · Knee Replacement - Getting Prepared in Joint Replacements

Thanks. I've heard the same about pain meds. Is there any adaptive equipment that you found useful?

Fri, Jul 6 2:09pm · Knee Replacement - Getting Prepared in Joint Replacements

My TKR is scheduled for 8/17/18. It's a big relief to finally get this thing going. For those of you who have had this, what would you say are the biggest challenges the first week?

Thu, Jun 28 7:30am · Knee Replacement - Getting Prepared in Joint Replacements

Thanks. I was not given any choices or options. The question was whether or not to do it. When the pain gets intolerable is the deciding factor, I guess. I asked surgeon if he would order home health rehab initially as I live alone and not sure I would be able to get to rehab immediately. He declined, stating that I needed to get up and out. I wonder about this response. I will look at the videos. Thanks again