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Dec 29, 2011 · Shoulder replacement in Joint Replacements

I had a total left shoulder replacement in 2005. I feel the surgery was a complete success. It took care of my pain, and I have good range of motion. It required heavy rehab to get my range of motion back, and this was painful at times, but it was well worth it. I did most of my rehab at home by myself. My insurance co-pay was too much for me to attend professional therapy sessions twice a week as suggested. I went a total of three times spaced out at two week intervals. I got instructed on the exercises I needed to be doing and I had my range of motion measured. This worked out very well for me. However, if cost is not an issue, I recommend professional therapy simply because it will force you to do the required exercises and monitor your progress. I was very motivated though so I did not need anyone to force me to do the exercises.