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Dec 18, 2011 · recurrent bladder infections after prolapse surgery in Kidney & Bladder

I have had a bladder sling put in and have infection pretty much back to back too. I ended up in the hospital with c-diff for 6 days because the antibiotics killed off the good bacteria in my system as well as the bad.

Dec 18, 2011 · High Pressure on Urethra in Kidney & Bladder

I have an interstim implant. don’t know anything about machine rentals. Prior to implant I was having bladder infections and leakage and went thru all bladder tests bladder treatments. The implant did help but I have urine leakage when I lay down and the specialists doesn’t know what the problem is. One doctor does not know everything. I was put on antibiotics for the infections and then put on IV antibiotics which I didn;t finish because I ended up hospitalized for 6 days with c-diff, The antibiotics killed my good bacteria as well as the bad