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Nov 27, 2011 · Feeling on the bright side of darkness today despite PTSD history in Mental Health

My first diagnosis is PSTD. Most people don’t understand that even if you weren’t in a “war” you can still suffer from it. Maybe they would undrstand were they a fly on the wall of the hell hole I was raised in. Haha! It’s not really a laughing matter even though laughter is most ly the medicine I use. I got lucky and married a guy who is side splitting funny. “Thank God”. I Also have been diagnosed with Psoriatic arthris, and Osteo, as well as Fibromyalgia. The last one is my favorite becaus it is as unpredictable as PSTD, only you understand what is going on when you have a flare up and it is not that way with PSTD.LOL! PSTD is a plague for me. It has cost me alot of time with family and friends. I have invisioned blowing my brains out at times, BUT only because that thought is a distraction from the anxiety involved in this thing. How do you deal with this? PSTD? How do you explain it to your 24 year old? I just started seeing a therapist for the first time in 20 years. The last time I tried to see one, and make sense of this, I got lost in all the symptoms I was looking for and it would creep up on me again. I am an artist, writing, drawing music, and anything that is creative, and so I thought that getting this therapist that has been certified in Art Therapy would be great for me. So, here is round two for me at 46 years old. How do you suffer from PSTD, Or why rather?
Who here can relate to the loss of friendship, or “I guess the absense of it, and therefore you are lonely?