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May 29, 2012 · Knee Replacement in Joint Replacements

I would strongly advise against having both knees done at the same time! I had my 2nd knee done 12 weeks after the first. Can’t IMAGINE doing both at the same time. First few weeks there’s lots of pain. Don’t double the pain! I’m glad I had both knees done, but you need to get some strength in the first knee before you do the 2nd.

Mar 9, 2012 · Shoulder replacement in Joint Replacements

Surgery was a couple hours I think? Just one night in the hospital after surgery. I would recommend staying at the Microtel the following night so you have another day of rest, and then drive home the day after that, if you have a long trip. We had a 6 hour drive. The Microtel is a new hotel/motel about five miles north of the city. It’s pretty basic, small rooms, etc., but who cares, it’s a place to stay. Cheap too, about $60/ night. It’s new. It’s clean, Nice free breakfast, and best of all you can take the shuttle, (free) to the Gonda building or the hospital right from the microtel. Can’t beat that! You can get a copy of the shuttle schedual at the Microtel. Good Luck, Bionic Joints! the only way to go! LOL!

Mar 8, 2012 · Shoulder replacement in Joint Replacements

I also had Doc Sperling do my shoulder.

Mar 8, 2012 · Shoulder replacement in Joint Replacements

Rehab took me about 6 weeks. Mayo gives you excersizes to do at home so no need for professional pt after you get home. I’m back to paddling over 10 miles a day when I can in my sea kayak, and NO pain!

Feb 16, 2012 · Knee Replacement in Joint Replacements

2nd knee replacement is next week. 1st one was 11 weeks ago, and it still gets kinda stiff when I’m on my feet for a couple hours. Keeps getting better every week though. Sure has been a long winter, but I’m glad I’m having the knees done.

Jan 12, 2012 · Lodging for Mayo Clinic Rochester MN in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Microtel is great. It’s new, clean and cheap. It’s a few miles from the clinic but there’s a shuttle bus that runs all day to Gonda building and others. Stayed downtown a few time for convenience, but it’s not worth the money.

Jan 11, 2012 · Shoulder replacement in Joint Replacements

I didn’t have a reversal, but I had a total shoulder joint replacement, two years ago, and I’m back paddling over ten miles in a day in my sea kayak. You’re in the best of hand at Mayo Clinic. In fact I just had a total knee replacement 5 weeks ago, and the other to be done in Feburay. Mayo has many surgeons that are true Gods! Have total confidence in your surgeon, and do EXACTLY what they tell you to do post op.

Nov 26, 2011 · Knee Pain: Patellofemoral syndrome in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I’ve had rotator cuff repair in one shoulder and a partial replacement in the other at Mayo. Over the next two months I’m having both knees replaced at Mayo. My shoulders couldn’t be better. I love to sea kayak/camp on Lake Superior. NO Pain is so cool! Mayo is the best!