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Jan 6, 2012 · I was born init Austin. I am not in your diagnosis interest, in Just Want to Talk

Wow small world! Lefty’s is still around-I don’t have any pics on here using a loaner computer! I’m glad that you found someone with your diagnosis!! I hope I might find the same! Sorry I didn’t see this earllier! Take care!

Nov 26, 2011 · Glioma tumor in Brain Tumor

They can usually tell by the MRI what type of tumor it is and the grade. But any type of tumor cancerous or not is not good. I would definately go to mayo if your insurance will cover it or you can afford it. Before the took my tumor out they were pretty sure it was the second to the worst and sadly they were right. Tumors can switch grades over time so I would most definately go! Keep me posted. Ellen

Nov 10, 2011 · Has anyone lost a child under the age of ten to brain cancer? in Cancer

Join cancercompass there is a lady on there that is in the final stages of losing her daughter. So sorry for your loss.

Nov 8, 2011 · Brain Tumors in Brain Tumor

Wow sorry to hear that are you on meds for the swelling? After my surgery i had no pain or soreness

Nov 8, 2011 · Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

I’m so sorry to hear that. In 9/09 I was given 10ths to live and I’m still here and fighting it! I still work and have a normal life. Feel free to message or email me with any questions. Praying for you, Ellen