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Oct 30, 2011 · Broken Hearted, What can I do? in Women's Health

“He speaks of things from his past that scares you”, just from what you have shared I am assuming that he is not tell the doctors of these thing no more than he has confided to you, and until he does the hard work of growing away from these past truamas nothing about him will change, and the abuse is the damage it causes inward, the physical part heals long before the abuse of the inward doubt of self worth. This is a very unhealthy relationship for you, if he does not become more willing to work on himself for clarity of himslf and the harm done to him as well as the harm he’s doing to you , he has a choice as do you to do whats best. You can go to therapy every day, but if you don’t be honest and open then it will be of no effect, as it is here. He is not responsible for his illness but he is responsible for his recovery of self, and all the love in the world will not change him until he makes an honest go at it. Yes it can get really bad, don’t kid yourself. He must want it for it to happen. GBG

Oct 30, 2011 · want to talk about depression in Depression & Anxiety

Being deppressed at this age myself, and not knowing it, I must say that it can and does get better. Please give your self a chance by talking to a school counselor a parent uncle aunt some one who doesnt just think that you can just get over this. One of my biggest strenths today is doing what is right , not allowing the uninform or uneducated to get in my way of recovery, having the joy of life back. Many suffer in silence due to stigma. This lie that is sold to many by the uninformed and uneducated is that all you need is this that or the other. Your depression could be from several causes enviromental or chemical balance of the brain . You did’nt not ask for what you suffer, and you can’t wish it away but you can get much better with it if you do the hard thing and take action, please you are worth it.GBG

Oct 30, 2011 · friend severely depressed in Depression & Anxiety

I say this of me, in hope that it may help another, not to judge or criticise. Even though I took my meds I continued to drink alchol and self medicate between mood swings, things did’nt change much, I continued to cycle like clock work from good to bad, but when I stopped all self medicating got help for this, and began conitive behavioral therepy, and earnestly applied the truth of the therepy over the lie I told myself over and over, It was like awakening from a forty year coma, and today I am learning that joy does exist in my life. Not mishap free but manageble.