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Oct 27, 2011 · dissociative identity disorder (DID): anyone with this diagnosis? in Mental Health

hello. i just joined. a friend referred me as she found this site, etc just by researching online. it’s not “official” but have seen a doctor once & he thought i had depersonality order (hearing my symtons of course). i’ve lived with this almost all my life. it’s 24-7. its become normal i guess to me. i’m 36 and last time i felt “normal” (btw, what IS normal lol) was 11-12. i DO NOT recall anything tramautic that happened. two years ago i started to share w a cpl close friends…. thats what opened the door in researching. AND freaking me out. meaning……….. i live, i work, i’ve never really let myself THINK “how” i feel….. when i have…. it can become SCARY. trying to feel HERE when i dont. like a never ending dream. i guess it is surfacing and since it has been …….. i’d LOVE to find people (if any) that have/had gone thru this…. i am TRUELY sorry for writing a book to your post (just realized)……..wasn’t even going to write but my fingers reacted before brain i guess. so to FINALLY reply….. YES i have.