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Nov 2, 2011 · Lumbar Spinal Stenosis in Spine Health

Hello, my spouse suffers with spinal (disc) problem and may require surgery, also has bone spurs in feet and knees. Any suggestions on who she can see for help besides going to physical therapy? She refuses any surgery to correct the pain with anxiety she will not walk again. Thanks

Nov 2, 2011 · Broken Hearted, What can I do? in Women's Health

I am truly sorry for your suffering broken hearted! You are a champion to stand by and support your partner’s ailment. However you must keep yourself safe from harm. In addition, continue to seek help until you find the best possible resources. Ask friends, family, professionals until success happens! I will pray for positive results.

Nov 2, 2011 · How about sending some cool winter breeze this way? in Just Want to Talk

Don’t think you’d want 10 below zero in Florida! However, we sure need some sunshine and warmer temps. We be moving south next summer after 15 years!

Oct 29, 2011 · Does the sun shine in Alaska during this part of the year? in Just Want to Talk

Yes sunrise in fairbanks 9am, sunsets 530pm

Oct 21, 2011 · Seasonal Affective Disorder in Depression & Anxiety

You are very welcome, I also use a happy light and take vitamin D daily.

Oct 21, 2011 · Seasonal Affective Disorder in Depression & Anxiety

Great news saspier……keep up the activiites in order to enjoy life to the fullest!

Oct 21, 2011 · social anxiety with strangers, my own family in Mental Health

hello brenbren, i too have similar ailments. My mom and grandma passed it on to me. I also don’t like this feeling………….going to the restaurant or other area of possible social contact is a struggle. What I do is get a booth at a restaurant, chances are less people to keep you stressed. Open areas with tables or the bar are doomsday for me. In order to get over my social phobias I will force myself to accept it. nobody is perfect, even though the outside world seems like they are having fun, they too have other issues, problems of their own; finances, relations, health, family tragedy…etc… I pray these words help you in some manner.

Good Luck!!

Oct 21, 2011 · Social phobia in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you Margot, I too have suffered with this issue of social phobia most of my life. It is very difficult just going to the store. If I do, I must get what I need fast and leave as soon as possible. I can be your friend on this forum if you wish.