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Sep 22, 2011 · After Back Surgery.. in Just Want to Talk

I can feel your pain. In feb 2010 I had a lumbar diskectomy. It took a long time to feel better. By June of 2010 I wanted to jump off a roof… I was so tired of hurting and feeling like a human pharmacy. I started running and got up to 5 miles a day. I still do not have feeling in my left leg due to nerve damage. I know our situations are different but I guess my only advice is do what works for you. What worked for me was keeping active and doing execises that made my back stronger without impact and twisting it. I hope you can find help =)

Sep 22, 2011 · PCOS

I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and had another ultrasound just to find out that my ovary has tripled in size and has a cyst just as big on it over the last 6 weeks. I have been producing nothing but estrogen (that number is through the roof) and ovarian/breast cancer runs in my family history, At 31 after having 3 term children I had my tubes tied and that helped a little but more then 3 years later it is worse by leaps and bounds. Before I begin to panic too much while waiting for more test results I wanted to see if there is anyone who has been through this or has advice for me? This problm has been there since I was 15 and I am so over it!