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Oct 30, 2011 · I think I have depression in Depression & Anxiety

Sorry I have’nt replied sooner; I’ve had homework. But I am doing alot better. I still have moments were I’m sad but not as often. I’ve found myself seperating from my best friend and its actually whats helping me. Does any one know if my friend could have cause my depression? And I think I have looked at borderline personality disorder but I dont remeber the results so I’ll have to look at it again. But thanks for all of your help everyone.

Sep 22, 2011 · Advice for a mother whose 15-year-old daughter is cutting? in About Kids & Teens

I’m not a parent, but I am 13. I’m in the middle of depression and cutting. I don’t like cutting, but its something inside me that says go ahead. She more than likely doesn’t want either but can’t find any way. Don’t send her to some hospital now. She won’t like to be shipped off. Try getting her to stop. Or come up with interesting activitys to help her get her mind off of it. Sorry I can’t do more for you.

Sep 22, 2011 · I think I have depression in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you all, and even more for praying for me. I’ve felt myself become more distant with Christ and hope that once I get help that I will be able to rebuild my relationship with him. But I have one last question. I am contemplating telling one of my teachers. I am writing a memoir in her class and wrote myself into the pages as asked. But I told her that my depressed cutting/anorexic story is a narritive even though its not. Should I tell her or go to the counseler? I don’t believe that i have the confidence yet to tell my parents to their faces. Maybe my sister. But if I tell the couniler I can sort a little bit of this and maybe gain that confidence. Who should I tell?

Sep 7, 2011 · I think I have depression in Depression & Anxiety

I’ve taken a few tests from medical sights that say I might have minor depression. I don’t really know what to do. I feel as if I do have depression; the cutting, the suicidal thoughts, the feel of worthlessness. I know that I have my whole life ahead of me, but I don’t think I will make. I know that my parents will miss me but my dad has another prettier more perfect daughter and I only see my mom every now and then because shes always out with friends or with her boyfriend, plus she has my sister and her boyfriends daughter. I try to hintvat it, let people know but they don’t see the hints. I’m scared because I don’t want to die. But the longer I live with this the harder it seems to put up with. I don’t know if I should tell one of my parents? What if they just blow it off saying it’s not possible? That I just want the attention? Have any ideas as of what to do?