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Wed, Sep 4 3:48pm · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

@lindajo, Have you thought about recruiting one of his friends to help with this? maybe a friend might he helpful here. As a patient, I got tired of my husband 'nagging' me, and would be tempted to ignore him ..

Wed, Sep 4 12:16pm · Confused Recipient in Transplants

@morty, It is my wish that you and all persons who are waiting for a transplant will get one soon.
How are you feeling while you wait? Have you found anything to occupy yourself while waiting?

Sun, Sep 1 9:06pm · What do you do when your temperature goes Up, Up,..? in Transplants

Mayo sent me to my ER to get checked. home now with diagnosed UTI and antibiotic.
Thanks for all the support.

Sun, Sep 1 3:52pm · What do you do when your temperature goes Up, Up,..? in Transplants

Hi, All.
Simply stated, "I have a low grade fever." And I have no other symptoms that I am aware of. It is 92 degrees outside, and I am shivering. I have raised the AC to 78 so that I don't freeze and Hubby doesn't wilt.
As luck would have it, my PCP is not in because it is Sunday. My transplant guide says to contact PCP if my temperature rises to 101. I'm at 100.4 and will recheck in 30 minutes. I plan to call the 24/7 Mayo Transplant afterhours line if I reach the big 101. Then, I will follow whatever advice I am given. I have the option of an urgent care until 6 PM, and ER that is less that 1 mile from my front door.

I have had bad fever experiences in the past, and so we have vivid and frightening memories that cause undo stress and worry. What experience do you have that might help to put my mind at ease?

Sun, Sep 1 3:33pm · What do you do when your temperature goes Up, Up,..? in Transplants

Do you act on it? Do you monitor it at regular intervals? Do you watch it and hope it goes back down? Do you wrap in a warm blanket to stop shivering? What if it happens on a Weekend, Holiday, after hours?

Sat, Aug 31 5:04pm · Long term effects of prednisone after kidney transplant in Transplants

@mamag, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Congratulations to your son on his recent transplant surgery and his current stage of recovery. I also offer my prayers of gratitude to his aunt who gave him this gift of her kidney.

I have a transplanted liver and kidney (2009). I was taking prescribed prednisone, too. It was high dosage at first, and within a matter of weeks, I was tapered to a low 5mg daily dose that I took for around 5 years. After being stable in my condition for 5 years, I was able to taper off my prednisone because the research supported that decision. It was suggested by my transplant team. During all of thhe past 10 years, I havn't felt any of the 'terrible' side effects that we read about. A daily 5mg dose is a low dose, and I was carefully monitored by my transplant team for any possible problems.

Your son is newly transplanted, and this is something that he can discuss with his own transplant team as he moves beyond this early stage of recovery. They will be able to explain what might be in his future, Every patient is different, and has different needs.

How are you doing, after going thru this transplant with your son? Have you had the time to read thru some of the other transploant discussions about how to live with a new organ? I invite any questions that you have.

Sat, Aug 31 4:31pm · Any double donors out there: liver and kidney? in Transplants

@rebekahinvt, Since you are a new member, there is a waiting period before you can post links. This is so that Mayo can filter out spam and and protect members. You should be able to share links in a week-1o days. I am happy to assist you in the meantime.

Here is the link to the article: My liver, your kidney: The world's first non-identical organ swap


Thank you for sharing this information!

Sat, Aug 31 8:35am · Any double donors out there: liver and kidney? in Transplants

@rebekahinvt, Welcome to the Transplant group on Mayo Clinic Connect. The decision to become a living donor requires time and careful consideration. As an organ transplant recipient, I honor your decision to be a living liver donor.

Thank you for your Discussion question about a second living organ donation. It is one that I have no experience with. However, I want to share the following information and resources from Mayo Transplant Dept.

-Living Donor Toolkit
-Contact Us


I encourage you to call Mayo to get the accurate answer to your inquiry. Will you share with us after you collect more information? I will look forward to hearing from you.