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13 hours ago · Specific Information about COVID-19 for Transplant Patients in Transplant

@dhelmstetter, Here are some links where you can meet some members who are like you because of living kidney donation. All you need to do is to click on the blue text and you will be taken directly to the active discussion on Connect. As a member you can – read – make a short introduction or just say "Hi" – or ask a question. It's that simple. I will look for you there as you and help you to connect with others.

Here is the source of the best information that you will need as you and your potential donor move along. Take time to read the Transplant Newsfeed. And tutilize the information in the Living Donor and Recipient Toolkits
https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/transplant/Kidney transplant

Meet other living donor recipients amd doners here:
Living Donor Kidney surgery next Tuesday: Any advice?


Be sure to share this one with your potential donor:
The Journey from the Donor's Side


Need help? Let me know. Hope to meet you there soon.

16 hours ago · Is it safe? Future kidney donor & working essential service in Transplants

@robinjoyw, I am retired, and able to stay at home. However, as a transplant recipient, I am very concerned for your safety. I am thinking about you and your son. Later on, I hope you will share an update about the kidney exvhange.
What has been decided about your safety in your working environment? How are you staying safe?

16 hours ago · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

I want to extend a Welcome to Mayo Connect to all of the new members. I hope that you, and all of our members with transplants, and caregivers, and donors are managing your sanity and health during these difficult days.

To new and current members
Here is a link to -Tips for Participating in an Online Community


How are things going for you since you last posted?

16 hours ago · Let's Talk about Gardens in COVID-19

We have a couple of deer that wander thru the neighborhood. This year they have have changed their route because of recent construction activity. As a result my tulips are blooming!
I really like the idea going to a local grower for my plants. We have one that sets up a stand in a local parking lot. It has never been crowded early in the mornings. Mothers' Day is the time for planting flowers here. I don't know about veggies, though. I will get a couple of tomato plants this year.

-Cute story: Couple years ago my tomato plants were really sad looking, and I had only a few tomatoes. I had one pretty tomato that I kept close watch on so my granddaughter could pick it when she came. And she did! When she got home, her mommy asked her what she liked doing at grandma/grandpa's. Her answer, "Me and grandma picked a tomato."

Enjoy your day in the garden!

17 hours ago · Stage 3 Kidney Disease and Diet: What can I eat? in Kidney & Bladder

@ausie, Welcome to Mayo Connect. You are among friends / patients from many backgrounds and experiences. We are all patients, and many of us have had similar experiences as you are having. We are here to support you and learn with you. You are not alone!
You have not made any mistakes, and your entry is a good one.

If you want more information about Connect –
Pages>About Connect: Who, What & Why>Tips for Participating in an Online Community


Again, Welcome.

1 day ago · Specific Information about COVID-19 for Transplant Patients in Transplant

@dhelmstetter, I imagine that you are a little disappointed that you don't have a date, yet. I am a liver and kidney transplant recipient. I received my transplant in 2009 at Mayo Rochester and I am here if you have any questions as you wait and prepare for your evaluation.
Are you on dialysis? What is a question you have about the evaluation process?

1 day ago · PSC: Are IgG and IgG4 the same thing? Do they test different things? in Digestive Health

@sandyjr, I don't now about the IgG or IgG4 labs, even though I was I was diagnosed with PSC and later needed a transplant. Your daughter, or any patient can and should ask a doctor when there is a question. Her GI or liver specialist will be able to tell her about the difference in the two tests and whether ot not she needs more testing. He shoud be able to explain it in relation to her particular diagnosis and her particular health background.
Will you or anyone be going with her? When is her next appointment?

2 days ago · Let's Talk about Gardens in COVID-19

I don't consider myself a gardener, but my grandpa did have a farm when I was a child. I remember how much my brothers and I loved to spend time in grandpa's garden and pick flowers for grandma, and veggies for dinner, and berries for pie! Grandma made the best pies in the world.
I have some of grandpa's plain ole daffodils, the kind that grow along the roadsides in the country, but to me they are special. Those who garden will probably understand.
I used to raise a small bed of veggies, but when the squirrels took over, I quit. Now I have an organ transplant, and I have to be very careful about digging in the dirt. I have to wear gloves and I have mostly perennial flowers that I keep weeded. I enjoy watching them grow and wait anxiously until the bloom. I forget what is planted, so there is always a surprise!