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6 hours ago · Watch Party! Connect featured on Mayo Clinic Radio in About Connect: Who, What & Why

I have never done anything like this before – being interviewed.
This is what my step sister had to say as she responded and shared on facebook: "My step sister, Rosemary, is involved as volunteer mentor for a great program at Mayo – open to all."

1 day ago · Needing info on Liver Transplant for diabetic in Transplants

@rebekahinvt, I have tagged you to the post by the new member. You should be receiving an email notification that will take you to it. Please let me know if you have any difficulty with getting there.

1 day ago · Kidney transplant - The Journey from the Donor's Side in Transplants

@rebekahinvt, I want to introduce you to @jgiovann who is scheduled for surgery to donate a kidney to a donor chain. I invite you to add your experience here. Perhaps you can relate to the nervous state that @jgiovann, is currently experiencing.

1 day ago · Needing info on Liver Transplant for diabetic in Transplants

@rebekahinvt, I see that you are a living donor and I want you to know that I honor you for giving the gift of life to another. Have you seen the transplant discussion – Kidney transplant – The Journey from the Donor's Side? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/kidney-transplant-from-the-donor-side/

I want to ask you to take a look at it because there is a new member who is scheduled for surgery in a couple of weeks. There are questions that can only be answered by someone with your experience.
Thank you.

1 day ago · Needing info on Liver Transplant for diabetic in Transplants

@cajoca, I have been thinking about you and your grandmother. I imagine that seeing your grandmother going through this is difficult for you. How are you? Has there been any positive change in your grandmother's condition?

1 day ago · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Fatigue is one of the symptoms that I experienced, even early in my diagnosis with liver disease. In the beginning, I would sometimes come home from my day as a teacher, and sink into the couch until bedtime. As my disease progressed, my fatigue became overwhelming. I retired early. The good news is that as soon as I woke up from my transplant surgery, I felt as if someone had flipped a switch to ON and the fatigue was gone.
Fatigue is one of the signs and symptoms of cirrhosis that I shared in my reply 2 days ago. (https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/cirrhosis/symptoms-causes/syc-20351487)

Here is the definition of fatigue:
"Nearly everyone is overtired or overworked from time to time. Such instances of temporary fatigue usually have an identifiable cause and a likely remedy.
Unrelenting exhaustion, on the other hand, lasts longer, is more profound and isn't relieved by rest. It's a nearly constant state of weariness that develops over time and reduces your energy, motivation and concentration. Fatigue at this level impacts your emotional and psychological well-being, too." https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/fatigue/basics/definition/sym-20050894

@racing212, You must have a great group of co-workers! .

Who else has something to share about fatigue while waiting for a liver transplant? How did you manage your daily living?

3 days ago · What are the financial challenges after transplant with medicare? in Transplants

It sounds like your body is doing a lot of adjusting, and that is okay. Be kind to yourself and don't overdo it and give it time to heal and to rest.
We have come to the awareness that I must have had the exercise induced asthma prior to my transplant, and the prednisone could have been masking it until I got off the prednisone. At 5 months out, I can understand that it is not a priority right now.

3 days ago · What are the financial challenges after transplant with medicare? in Transplants

@benlam11, I did not have experience any breathing issue like you describe. I was sore and it hurt to cough or take a deep breath in the early recovery. I had a device that I had to blow into to build up my breathing and clear my lungs and airways, though.

I had been fairly active as a walker and a hiker in my pretransplant time, until I became very ill at around 9 months before transplant. I never had a breathing problem before, so that could be partly why. Did you have any breathing issues or underlying condition that might be a factor here? Does this happen all the time? Does it happen when you exert yourself? What have your doctors said about it?

Lastly, After I had been on 5mg daily prednisone for 5 years, I was able to taper off of it. Then I developed a type of asthma that is defined as exercise induced asthma and it causes labored breathing for me when I exert – as when I hike uphill, It is also triggered by allergies and humidity. But that was 5 years after my transplant.

I am also a liver/kidney recipient. Did you have both at the same time? Same donor?