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1 day ago · Kidney stones in Kidney & Bladder

Jake, I have not been in your situation, but I did find this information.


Here is some kidney stone information that i read in Mayo Newsfeed today. You will also see some related articles at the end.


What have your doctors got planned for you since the stone did not come out? My girlfriend told me something once about her doctor using a laser or something to break it up and she successfully passed it afterward.

1 day ago · Preparing for a heart transplant in Transplants

@christinelouise, The posts abd replies that you have made have come thru without a hitch, as far as i can tell. So keep on doing what you are doing.
If you want to learn more about how it works, here is a link that contains step by step directions.


As a mentor, I am always available if you need assistance.

2 days ago · Reunion get together at Rochester in Transplants

@glinda, Did you see this registration information?
If you go, would you share your experience?
I haven’t had contact with you recently, how is it going for you? Have you seen some of our recent activity?

2 days ago · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

These podcasts ahe like a hidden treasure. Thank you Barbara for sharing here.
Has anybody taking the opportunity to view these?

I want to share another one that I discovered in Trending Posts on bottom of Connect's Home Page!
Bile Duct Cancer


2 days ago · #MayoClinicRadio in Transplant

I think that anyone who is interested in/ or involved in a transplant should make a genuine effort to view these podcasts. They are informative and well done.

I just discovered and watched a podcast on Bile Duct Cancer and added my comment at the end! .


Has anyone watched one that they could share here with our transplant members?

2 days ago · Bile Duct Cancer in Podcasts

I did not have bile duct cancer, but with PSC (Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis) I was at high risk for developing it. When my local transplant team suspected that I might have cholangiocarcinoma, they were unable to get thru my bileducts because of the obstruction. They sent me to Mayo for testing, which showed that I did not have it. I was placed back on the transplant list and remained at Mayo for my transplant.

I am grateful that my original doctors knew to send me to Mayo.
Thank you for this presentation.

2 days ago · Kidney Lab Results in Kidney & Bladder

@duran75a, It is my experience and understanding that by doing all of the healthy things now, that you are giving your body the best opportunity for success. I commend you for your positive attitude, too.
I would suggest that you start making a list of questions for the doctor when you have your appointment. Write it down, and take it with you.
Is someone going with you? It has always been helpful for me to have a second set of ears. When I'm nervous. like in an appointment, I don't remember anything.

2 days ago · What happens following a Mayo appointment in Visiting Mayo Clinic

I got my organ transplant at Mayo Rochester in 2009. I return annually, and even though I was given the option of transferring my aftercare to my local transplant center, My husband and I chose to make the 1500 mile round trip drive every year to be seen by the Mayo Doctors. My local PCP guides my care here at home, and he and any specialty doctor will cooperate and coordinate with Mayo. This has worked for us in my situation.