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Aug 22, 2011 · Chiari Malformation in Brain & Nervous System

I am in the San Antonio, TX area. I can travel anywhere. Just spoke with my insurance and they will pay for a second opinion and hopefully the doc or hosp. takes my ins. so I have very little out of pocket expense.
Sorry for your headaches, they are not fun.Have you found relief ? I know that is a rhetorical question, it is always a waiting game and what position you can sit, stand or lie in while waiting. I hate the ones that nausea is so bad it leads to vomiting which of course only makes it worse. Oh for all the times I felt like chopping my head off so the rest of my body could get things done. Wishfull thinking at best I know but…………….
Mine come and go at will it is the other symptoms now that are beginning to get on my last nerve and are pushing me forward to the surgery. Just don’t want to be a drooling, stumbling fool on my birthday since lack of booze can’t be used as an excuse.

Aug 22, 2011 · Chiari Malformation in Brain & Nervous System

Just posted a discussion asking for info especially post op. Feel free to share the good the bad and the ugly part of recuperation especially what to expect in the pain department. I am considering going to AZ for another opinion and check out surgeons at Mayo. Not sure what city they are located in Tuscon or Phoenix. Have pain will travel !