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Mon, Sep 7 7:23am · Slipping Rib Syndrome in Bones, Joints & Muscles


I pray so much this will heal me, I prayed again for forgiveness for being selfish. I'm still sore today, but able to walk-around. Anesthesia has caused some BM issue so I'm figuring that out.

Dr. Hansen in WV is a wonderful man. His wife is also incredible. They make a great team and I hope his work is shared more and more with the world. I know he is working on other rib issue too.
He has a YouTube Ribinar that is very knowledgeable.

I'm not home yet, post of visit is tomorrow. I'll be sad to be away because I worry there are no doctors in my area familiar with this, but I know 7 hours isn't too far.


Sun, Sep 6 7:54am · Slipping Rib Syndrome in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@jesfactsmon recovering from slipping rib surgery and it will be long. Still having bowel issues which is a symptom of slipping rib and it probably feels worse from anesthesia.
I've noticed a few symptoms are not as severe, but gently linger. The right side may pose an issue as well. My left rib was not like a usual repair, I had a deformation in rib 9 that need a little cartilage removal. The others were lose and just needed a little tighten. My anxiety is really bad, wake up with sweats a lot because I fear this won't work, but I'm only 4 days post up and can walk. So thats good.

Sat, Aug 22 2:46pm · Slipping Rib Syndrome in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@johnbishop my doctors think my spine and hemangiomas are not an issue. Maybe not the hemangioma, but my spine is definitely an issue right now with this misalignment. I'm praying the thoracic surgeon i am seeing in WV is able to help me. My ribs on the left are definitely a mess and my PT thinks she feels a separation.
I'm sobbing, in bed with a migraine, nerve pain and muscle spasms while my family enjoys themselves. I'm so so sad about all of this 🙁
Aimee x

Sat, Aug 22 9:01am · Slipping Rib Syndrome in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@johnbishop of course. I'm asking for ALL the prayers I can get if you could spare a couple 🙂
Aimee x
I really hope this is my diagnosis. This really needs to get out in the medical field and be taught how to check. So many people I know now have suffered 5, 8 or 18 years with this. Its a real issue and causes A LOT of complications.

Sat, Aug 22 8:15am · Slipping Rib Syndrome in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@johnbishop I still have not been diagnosed, but head to WV in a little over a week to be checked and possibly have surgery.

My symptoms are all over. Rib pain. Upper abdomen pain, a lot of GI issues, muscle spasms, nerve pain, my whole alignment is off, but.. All my symptoms are mainly left side. I have mass tension in the body which causes other issues with my muscles.

I have spoken with a handful of people on a Facebook support group called slipping rib syndrome and they all think this is it for me. This is likely the cause of so many issues. I pray everyday this is it and I will get better. Its so depressed not being able to participate in life. Especially when you don't know whats wrong.

Aimee xx

Fri, Aug 21 10:14am · Constipation/pressure in Digestive Health

I need help. I have developed horrible rectal pressure and constipation. I can feel it sitting right at descending colon and it causes aching all the way under left ribs. I have never had bathroom issues until the last 5 months and I'm wondering if its related to my possible slipping rib syndrome and my misalignment in my spine and pelvis. Advice please.. I have so many issues and this makes it that much worse. Im in pelvic floor therapy, but have not worked much yet.

Fri, Aug 21 7:08am · Slipping Rib Syndrome in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Is anyone familiar with slipping rib syndrome?

Sat, Aug 15 7:37am · anyone feel more burning/numbness when sitting in Neuropathy

@rwinney No one has done anything but scans and some blood work. My husband is so angry because instead of a colonoscopy, my GI refers me to a GI psych. My husband saud what if you have a colon issue. I just don't get it 🙁 I cry everyday because these left side symptoms can be he** I try to be normal when I can, but my legs get so weak.
After my adjustment yesterday, I felt awful. I feel awful after PT and chiro and I've been in for over a month with both. Both my PT and Chiropractor said i have what they feel is a rib out, which can cause a lot if nerve issues. My PT said she things rib 11 and chiro things rib 9/10, but if they are issues and pulling on the spine, those nerves are running to all bowels, kidney, etc. A fellow rib friend said he gets horrible diaphragm spasms and muscle spasms, and I wonder if this is happening to me?? It just does not make sense why this is all my left side.
My doctors have made me question myself more than anyone else I know and they are giving me depression because they have given up.
My husband put his foot down and said GO to WV to see this thoracic surgeon about your possible slipping rib syndrome. If its not that well we go to UofM or Mayo, but maybe the thoracic surgeon can look at your spine too.
Aimee xx feeling so lost.