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Fri, Jul 10 4:22pm · Anyone have experience with HHT or Osler-Weber Rendu? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Thank you Kelly. Haven’t quite gotten the hang of this yet. Yes. I do have other disturbing symptoms. I have these small red dots internally and also visible on my face, lips, toes and fingers, and tongue. They are called Telangiectasia. Sometimes I spontaneously bleed from the ones on the surface of my skin, but most often i bleed profusely from my nose.
As I’ve aged the bleeding from my nose has advanced to a stage where I bleed so much blood, so fast for up to twenty or more minutes, that I can choke on the huge clots that form when I try to inhibit the flow in any way.there are times that I bleed like a water faucet tap turned fully on. It is scary for me and frightening for others to see. And I have to carry a big packet of tissues wherever I go. Even in my own home because there is no warning.

Fri, Jul 10 4:01pm · How to have relationships while living with depression? in Depression & Anxiety

While I was in business, I was so careful to never show any signs of my depression. Customers did not want to know. But, unfortunately, I would occasionally take it out on my family. Because I felt angry about my “ problem “ and I knew that they would tolerate me because they loved me. Trust me when I say this, no one ever wants to lose a loved one, of course, but when they do die, and you have had occasions where you were verbally abusive to them, you will never forgive yourself.

Fri, Jul 10 1:02pm · Anyone have experience with HHT or Osler-Weber Rendu? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I have an inherited condition called Olser-Weber Rendu. It’s a bleeding disorder that both my mom and my grandfather died from complications of this disease. I am 62 and I am found to be anemic often. My mom died at 70.