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5 days ago · Anastrozole and bladder pain in Breast Cancer

Went to the urologist today for an IC treatment and asked questions about Anastrozole. It seems that if you had Cancer and are older it blocks estrogen. And since I am 72, had a hysterectomy, plus cancer that was estrogen receptive the bladder discomfort could last forever. I asked the urologist if this herbal suppository, Revaree, can be used by me. It did help with itching and burning. She said yes I could. The Company is Bonafide.

6 days ago · Anastrozole and bladder pain in Breast Cancer

I know what you mean. I have only started Anastrozole. I had hemmoragic cyctitis from Chemo. I have had 2 biopsies, did IC treatment for four weeks. I was good for awhile and now it's returned. I am having an IC treatment today. I am also very incontinent. But the UTI feeling is horrible.

Sat, Aug 1 7:01am · Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue in Autoimmune Diseases

I have Sjogren's and recently finished Cancer treatment. Fatigue is the most annoying of all the symptoms. I can deal with body aches. I am 72 and I still work. I too take Mondafil for work and special occasions when I need to stay awake. I also take tramadol for occasional pain (only at night) or I use Tylenol.

Sat, Aug 1 6:53am · HER2 positive & HER2 negative: I have both at the same time in Breast Cancer

I wish you every luck with your treatment and keep on fighting,💕💓

Thu, Jul 30 8:37am · Anastrozole and bladder pain in Breast Cancer

Made a mistake in spelling Revaree made by Bonafide.

Wed, Jul 29 7:03am · Anastrozole and bladder pain in Breast Cancer

I have had 2 urine tests and both were negative. I still have the discomfort and I am going to have the catheter with saline to try and relieve the inflammation. My urologist still believes it is from the Cytocin. I am also using Reversal, by Bonafide, as a way to help the dry vagina. The Reversal can be purchased on line.