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Tue, Jun 16 3:18pm · The value of an animal in Depression & Anxiety

The min pin certified service dog and support animal Roxy's Lil Earnst Borgnine aka Fatty and his Boy Boo. And the little monster Roxy's Diablita Moreno aka Debbie…my migraine detector.

Tue, Jun 16 3:12pm · The value of an animal in Depression & Anxiety

We had service dogs in 2009-2012. It was 2 minpins, a breed I usually despise. One was fully trained and donated to my son to be a support dog while he awaited an Autism dog. The other was sister to the dog that failed the final requirements.. but happened to detect my migraine that day (and every day thereafter) I had to rehome her because she did not have the full protection where upon Ernie was protected by my son's prescription. Not that I ever took Debbie many places under the service dog umbrella… Debbie was short for Diablita. Easy to see where she failed her CGC, lel. All and all she was just overprotective/guarding. Her other manners were impeccable but don't provoke her terrier spirit! The autism dog Sara arrived and 2 weeks later they died of intended anti-freeze poison when we flew to Disneyworld for a weekend and they were left at boyfriend's mom (this was a hi-dollar neighborhood in FL). Fatty(Ernie) helped pull my son out of the cloud mist and into the sun.
Of course or position on any lists after having a astronomically expensive dog die so soon in our care.
His next service dog was my mom's and became ours on her death, Trained by VA.she was certified as a service dog for my amputee mom,. Also she was a sugar detector. Had her CGC and certification approved by ADA. And she was not even a true dog. she was Carolina Dog/ MiniAussie dad X Red(eastern) Wolf. She looked like Barbie Coyote. She was the BEST dog I have ever owned or been exposed to in my life. Soft, smart, obedient, attentive, proactive, precognitive and cute. Fatty was my Boy's friend but She and my boy were joined at the hip. She even used to hide her two oopsie puppies behind him. We both cried when she passed due to valley fever. I'm still paying my credit card off. She had no immunity possible since she was not local nor responded to the meds only recent released for domestic canines. We have not even looked at another dog since the next to step up has BIIIG shoes to fill. I have no photos of Angel Kitty aka Fufei on this PC yet.

Tue, Jun 16 2:24pm · Is anyone here addicted to the internet? in Addiction & Recovery

Not an addiction , but I socialize far more on the net. It is easier and keeps me less isolated. Quirks, tics and eye contact are not required for non-vid voip. Even long pauses and sudden stepping away are not unforgiveable breaches in your netiquette. Conversation voice-overs are taken less harshly. But on other hand people are less filtered and can irritate you easier. Fewer expectations for "normalcies". You have to be extraordinarily combative or rude to make every person present in the channel to block you. I miss friends I go to tea with but can vid call to do that in a sterile way.
FB is cesspool, I stopped being on it daily after 2014 but periodically check for the last generation unable to learn new platform therefore trapped there. Soon as it's replacement arrives I shall move completely. Just like I did before with BBCode> AOL>Myspace>Tribes>FB >Discord

I have many OCD habits that can loop an activity for unusual amount of time but actual addictions… Like thrill-seeking, gambling, smoking or imbibing foreign substances incl alcohol. The closest would be chocolate? The other would be geneaology research. Can't say games since after I have finished one I rarely go back, Minecraft & SimCity type games could result in unhealthy amount of time at keyboard but they also are put aside when I have to do some adulting.
Honestly, it would technically be dairy consumption since I'm allergic but eat/drink it anyway despite dark circles and rough skin punishments and other adverse results and the cognition that I should NOT eat much or any.

My son also does not seem to have an addictive physique. He is modest in game/pc tiime, moderate in his drawing time. He has bad habit of picking any unsmooth areas of his face to point of being horror movie extra (started first time with a mystery rash brought home from school but now every stiff hair, pimple, sunbump, rash, scratch is target), but the loop stops as soon as the skin is smooth. He is not addicted to the pain or action of ripping. THANK God!.

Tue, Jun 16 2:02pm · How do I convince my child with autism to wear a face mask? in Autism (ASD)

Could you maybe use a veil off a fav hat instead? (example below, son and I usually wear coolie hats in our AZ sun.) My son and I both do this because light sensitive days with migraines but it would also work as air particle screen.. It needn't be as dark and light suppressing as the import UV silk we select. He is compliant to putting the mask on but will take it off at random once his tolerance is used up.

Tue, Jun 16 1:51pm · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

My entire day is controlled via smart phone ever since phones could have near limitless alerts. Not sure what colorcode would do in my case. Alerts? they keep my day smooth. It is not like I can't be flexible and do different but during unfocused days caused by overstimulation, anxiety, stress etc. They remind me if I have time to stand round stunned or stimming, I can be *doing dishes, * pre-planning meal, *check the mail (that I fear), *check son's homework, * should I go to bed? (vs messing on computer )…. etc etc

Tue, Jun 16 1:34pm · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

HI! Original DX of Asperger's was in 1967, . Therapies until I was "cured" in 1970 (aka Passed for "normal"). Re-evaluated 2019 with DX of "Autism".
Since unlike males effected I was quite chatty and precocious, my "cure" was faster . Meh.

My two older children are likely on spectrum but their father refused testing to show any "taint" since he was embarrassed already by 2 severely effected cousins and was 'impaired child' until he was 7 (even now won't give DXs. or admit. His mom told me). My daughter has a ton of sensory issues. Her super precocious brother had weird habits like spinning , head banging, eating non food and didn't speak til he was 3.5. Both didn't potty train 100% until nearly 8 yrs.
My youngest son is in my control. He has been a DX Migraine sufferer since age 1; so as soon as he became odd at age 3 after being ill, I started to advocate that he needed testing (though I thought he had a stroke). He had seen neurologist for migraines. autism was brought up. After a move to AZ, I was lucky that an old friend's mother was a nurse and she coaxed her boss and our FHP into kicking us up to an expert. And quite an expert we gained. Dr Kessler of SAARC. After onset I really had a problem because unlike if he had been effected all long like my two older kids, his behavior , personality and ability to speak were whisked away within 3 weeks, I even kept calling him a "changeling" for first year since it seemed my absolutely brilliant toddler (he could already read 1st grade level books and had rudimentary math skill as well as his ideas and conversations and behaviors. I rarely watch videos from before the onset since they upset me even to this day) had been stolen and replaced. His high fever for 2 days that required ER I wont say much about.. maybe he was susceptible and maybe was on Asperger/hi function end of scale is why he fell so fast or so an unofficial theory from doctors. a therapist said maybe some signs were present and my own condition led me to miss the subtle signs before the onset.
After he was around 7 his previously buried personality emerged and was very much as before. He still liked to draw. He became very picky eater… a diet so bland they serve better in prison. In recent years he is becoming flexible to introduce former favorites. He has always liked chinese food, most potato dishes and chicken nuggets but his once varied diet narrowed to that.
He has many eccentric quirks that he can suppress for periods of time but not completely. Most are harmless but could be annoying in certain settings. He prefers to wear soft or silky fabrics which are harder to obtain for a male. He occasionally give a verbal opinion but it is random. His lack of being able to communicate reliably or make a correct 911 call is a reason for my highest concern, plus if a untrustworthy 'babysitter' did anything. So I have been stuck in the job free zone since my mother died. She is was a major support person and caregiver. Other than my present day fiance whom he likes very much and will voip call with, the people he trusts are a small number that amounts to a good friend, a guy I used to babysit in my teens (but he is no where near presently). He has NOT liked people I had dated before the current relation. He was ambivalent on his father's family (fun for visits with food, presents and playfulness..heck a regular kid will tolerate people they don;t like in that event..lel), but resistant to go out of sight with any of them incl his father (they abducted him once saying he was not sick, it was my bad mothering …sigh.. and he has never trusted them since. He still wont go in bathtub type enclosure after slipping ONCE in is now 2020) At this point it would be impossible for him to live with any of them peacefully though they are a large extended family that could have been good support. He is highly resistant to getting along with men (teachers, therapists, friends, etc). he likes smaller children and generally women. At 14 he is VERY aware of women. He has been flirty since he as around 10. I can't see a group home style treatment being positive result for him. I never really thought hard about aging until my worry for him came up. I have to maximize my fresh date!
My day to day anxieties are those typical to unemployed status and addition to crazy X that harasses me every 3-4 years. And the added anxiety that the world has moved faster than my coping skills. My autism quirks are reaching debilitating levels last couple years (at least they will stabilize unlike my poor neighbor/friend next door who is deteriorating like a earth dam under her flood of Alzheimer dementia) as far as suppressing phobia anxiety,and a critical inability to comprehend certain paperwork which leads to late turn in once I decide the "right" answer. But maybe that's everyone? How the heck I know what the name of a doctor was when i was 4 years old?! or if they are alive? How the heck can I remember who a manager was at meh job 30 years ago? and of course personal questions that are vague.. so what do they want? Proof of something.. I don't even have a copy of my divorce decree nor know how to get it! But it won't be free.. i know that much. Ugh I miss the Army. Fancy no, stable , yes. Might die? heck i can get killed in a riot or drown or be hit by drunk driver. Less likely to die at war, I liked being deployed. an enemy will only shot me, unlike at home at that era when i might wake up to having my head shoved towards a wood chipper again.

So that is the past and recent me.
Current me is trying to maintain a stable environment , move forward in all life points, and start planning for a safe and independent future for my lovely youngest son while getting enough social stimulation to not become a complete recluse.

Tue, Jun 16 11:58am · How You Experience Autism in Autism (ASD)

Though certain phrases connected, the article in whole did not resonant with me. I am currently accepting the DX of autism. I was diagnosed with Asperger's in the late 60s, and learned to emulate the perfect little girl after 3 years of intense therapy (more like dog training). In the irony of the universe, both the men I had children with ended up being on the spectrum so all three of my living children have some effect, especially the boys.
My assimilation was successful for many years until I was rehabilitated from a head injury car accident in mid 90s. Since then it has been a struggle to pretend to be the same person everyone was familiar with. Though from childhood I have never been able to tie laced shoes correctly, tell time (the accompanying dyslexia affected numbers greater) on standard clock, say certain words. I enjoy gentle fabrics but had learned to tolerate most tactile sensations (my therapist was like an episode in the rainmaker with more hostility towards me…~sigh. But it did work in my case). Currently my quirks that disable is phobia anxieties (mail box, driving, opening envelopes) and my inability to keep proper expressions and eye contact during conversations and interviews. As child and teen I was precocious, friendly, irreverent, athletic(but not into team sports). Yet I accepted very few close friends, trusted fewer and despised my generation peers. I liked adults or very young children. I didn't want to be "lonely" but preferred to be "left alone'. I liked socializing in 'settings' like holidays or event functions (weddings, charity events, banquets, select dances)…otherwise if there was more than 4 people I would bail.
My youngest with DX of Autism at age 3 after a sudden onset following illness became non responsive and non verbal. 2 years later he became more responsive but verbal ability and static communication ability have yet to reach a standard of safe independent function. If the spectrum is truly caused by same thing I'd be surprised since his expression and mine are a universe apart though sharing certain aspects of galaxies,
In her article the one thing similar is SOUND. Suppressing irritability, because I can hear the tags of my neighbors dog jingling while it scratches or hear people chattering and scuffing feet two houses down at midnight before they finally pass, is quite challenging. My type migraines also are problematic (Vestibular and Aural).
Dealing with my son's autism is another life challenge. for the most part we live amiably but I worry about his future since I am considerably older and his father is untrustworthy to be a caretaker as our his siblings who are not close. He doesn't accept a lot of people in his inner world (at home persona) though he is pretty friendly and has few 'space' /'touch' issues; his public self and home self have different criteria of tolerances. I want him to continue to expresses what he wants and do what he wants in his own time, which most group homes do not really accommodate. He has weird sleep hours that are not going to be coaxed (he is now 14… how many more years would it take). He likes to create works of art or just doodle, He plays a modest amount of games online and off (far less than I He sings lovely despite rarely speaking, and plays guitar and harmonica so far. He is really proficient in math. He can cook modest dishes on cook top(like omlette, sausage, hot dog ramen, grill cheese) in reliable way (proper use like temp and on/off procedures) and make sandwiches, he does typical housework without prompting. Our chores have no schedule except Thurs. Just who sees it, does it on the spot. But his current ability would unlikely be able to watch paying bills for overhead or notice embezzlement from a dishonest caretaker nor do I think he would learn to drive. His ability to take typical instructions for complicated tasks is greatly retarded though once he learns it is engraved in steel. So driving, cashiering/counter service even data entry…nixed.

My "experience" is that of a camouflaged alien. Though I was good at pretending to be human and assimilated well, there was always some uncanny valley that would make humans mark me as "different". It was hard stressful work every day from the moment I wake to bedtime until it became automatic. But when getting praised for ability, I would also appear insincere, uncaring if I used autopilot too much. If in new situation and anxious I'd be assumed scatterbrained. Just no winning for being born on the wrong planet. ~sigh

Tue, Jun 16 10:24am · Sugar from my skin?! in Skin Health

It is not just sugar. I am a person who literally embodies "you are what you eat" but the effect normally requires unusual consumption amount of garlicky, buttery, fishy, smokey or sugary substance. But in recent years my skin gets sandy sometimes and it aggravates my OCD behaviors in my autism.
If I dig out my mom's reader my blood sugar is its steady 90-99 that has been my usual regardless of intake with exception of my 15th pregnancy that resulted in my 11 lb middle child
(large children run in my dad's family, my daughter was 10, son1 was 11+ and 6 week premature son was 9.14 ..only the one pregnancy had sugar effect in the 2 weeks before delivery. It could jump to 200 without insulin. But I pass out lower than 70).

I don't consume an unusual amount of sweets in my daily diet though I am a heavy eater of starches and other convertible foods.
The grain/sand locations are the usual sweat zones (joint folds, hairline, eyebrows, behind ears, entire chest and …forearms( excluding hands, upper arms). Usually show up random but always after severe stress or physical strain or unusual amount of direct sun exposure. If not brushed off constant it will become sticky..yuk! like day old glazed donuts.
Meds are Prozac for anxiety control, Prelone&Flonase for asthma/allergy control.Also various puffers I use rarely. For Vestibular and cluster Migraines; I have 15mg generic immediate release Morphine sulphate (allergic to vicidin both hydracodones and acetaminphen) which are normally expired before I use them all… frequency is about 4 times a year. Last two years using gabapentin to lessen length and severity of vestibular vertigo episodes.

To help narrow likely cause I will put some info: I am fairly healthy (low cholesterol, low blood pressure, slightly overweight, etc) except the forementioned conditions and hereditary haemochromotosis. I am 55, female with clockworks menses and ovulation (though I did skip both Dec and didnt ovulate Feb). I have a shit ton of allergies, most mild. I don't drink alcohol, occasionally drink canned beverages, I do not smoke/vape ANY substances. Aspirin or guifanesin is usually enough to address any mundane illness. And I have zero immunity to measles.. will catch it EVERY exposure. caught chicken pox 5 times but not ever again since my 11th pregnancy. I pay attention to my joint health since I take so many steroids and have naturally high male hormone levels. been tested twice for goiter. family history does not have any teetotalers having health issues except branch with HFE. My mother and I carry both mutations as does one of my sons.

It seems benign but is very distracting.. makes my clothes and hair soil quicker, as well as drawing insects of both lovely and scary nature…(bees in my car; cloud of moths using me as porchlight; butterflies always bugging me and the weird tiny (hummingbird size) yellow finch/thrushes that come here in the snowbird summer. i have to throw them out of my house once or twice a week. Is it some kind of weird digestion problem I should be checked for or maybe I am destined to be a magnet to fluttery things? :c