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5 days ago · YAG Laser Iridotomy Complications in Eye Conditions

Why are people not suing the ophthalmologists? More importantly why are attorneys not willing to represent those of us suffering. My life has been a nightmare since laser iridotomy. I was given ZERO information of side effects and my vision is forever changed dramatically. My anxiety and inability to live quality of life are worth financial responsibility on the clinic/doctor. In our society, people are paid money for the most superficial changes to their bodies/face etc…due to negligence , but one's vision is not worthy. I am furious and completely regret having laser iridotomy. My brain has not adapted whatsoever to the negative lasting effects. It is heartbreaking to not have vision due to a procedure that I did not need to get.

Sat, May 23 1:53pm · YAG Laser Iridotomy Complications in Eye Conditions

Ihad narrow angle glaucoma. While in the care if a new opthamologist, he performed YAG laser iridotomy on both eyes and I was left with several visual complications.
These began directly after the procedure. Constant glare and prism images as well as floaters.
He is recommending corneal tattooing- out of state – as my only means for improvement. (colored contacts did not work). This would be out of pocket expenses for me. a minimum of 4 trips to NC for the procedure). I was never told of the possibility of this occurring from laser iridotomy. That is the worst part.
The opthamologist I saight out at Mayo clinic said this happens in approximately 3% of patients. I would not have had the procedure. It was a preventative measure and at my age I would not have risked this. I would have continued getting my pressure checked.
Thank you for sharing your experience and situation. I truly appreciate it.

Fri, May 22 9:18pm · YAG Laser Iridotomy Complications in Eye Conditions

I had the procedure done almost a year and a half ago and have significant vision problems ever since. My life quality has really decreased. The glare and blur affect every waking moment. It appears my only option is corneal tattooing at an out of pocket cost and the fear of complications due to that. Colored contact lenses did not help with the glare.