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Thu, May 21 7:14pm · 100% blocked artery in Heart & Blood Health

I experienced a 100 percent LAD on 3 May 1998. l was sent home by an ER doctor although the ECG was abnormal and I was in extreme pain, he stated that he did not know what was wrong with me. I went to another hospital the next morning, a PA correctly diagnosed my condition by looking at the very same ECG as the doctor had seen 24 hours earlier. By then Troponin I was 67.8 and subsequently, my LAD has 30 percent dead tissue. Ejection fraction dropped to 30 percent for days. Angioplasty balloon could not be inserted, the Cardiologist had to use angiojet. I have annual physical checkups, Medication includes Losartan, Metprolol, and Atorvastatin. I take vitamine suppliments and aspirin DAILY as well. Additionally, I EXERCISE almost daily for my health, I complete 50 pushups. I STAY AWAY from sugar and saturated fats from animals and eat plenty of vegetables. A1c is 4.8, Glucose is 74 for fasting and GTT, my EF raised to 55, and all other CBC tests are normal. My heart attack was more than 22 years ago, I am now 75, I am 6'2" and weigh 176lb.