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May 5, 2015 · Diagnosed with NASH. Listed for liver transplant in Transplants

Also I forgot to mention I think exercise is very important also. I have an enlarged cyst near my thyroid causing me issues now so I’ve been babying myself taking it easy but I am ready to get back to gardening, walking, running, take baby steps. I have allergies so I get up early in the morn when dews on the ground. One thing we can’t do and I am preaching to myself is make excuses. Never give up always keep going, Don’t worry about nothing Pray about everything.

May 5, 2015 · Diagnosed with NASH. Listed for liver transplant in Transplants

I was diagnosed with NASH around 2003. I was very sic all the time felt bad pain. I really studied it on line and joined a support group on line which I have lost contact with. I made improvements and feel much better. On the support group I was with a lady stated she had been put on a transplant list and had improved drastically and was taken off. My primary care doctor told me at the time I was looking at a transplant but that was as far as it went. I have improved to the point all I do is go once a year for an ultrasound, Doppler, blood test and they say u r the same come back next year. Physically I know I am not the same. You have to research find out whats best everyone needs to be on milk thistle. I find the low carb diet helps me, although I tweak it a little and try to eat more veggies a little meat and not large quantities of fat just normal. We have wonderful docs but we have to educate ourself and there r things out there in natural medicine docs don’t know. I appreciate my health care professionals but give all the glory to the Lord, he made the health care professionals, ha ha, praying for your improved health and a long happy life.