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Sun, Jun 21 11:36pm · First visit to Mayo: Traveling alone in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Hello. I am planning to be apatient for 2 months or more. Did You stay in a hotel for a month or find an apartment to stay in?

Sun, Jun 21 10:55pm · Meet others living with Head & Neck Cancer - Come introduce yourself in Head & Neck Cancer

Hello. I assume this message is being read by the Comunity director or Patient Mentors. I have just been told I have squamous cell carcinoma and have "a large tumor at the base of the tong which is deep and close to the voice box" which one surgen said he did not think he could remove. I have a second tumor on the side of the neck I have just been accepted as a patient at the Mao Clinic. I was just reading some of the listings on this site of those who have gone through treatment. Many talk about having the voice box being permentally dammaged and and being unable to swallow or eat for years and haveing tubes down the throat for years after radiationand chemo treatment. It sounds really deveastating to me. I did not realize there were such devestating and long lasting effects after treatment. Is being unable to swallow and or eat food due to scarring after treatment common??