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Mon, May 11 5:57pm · Watching a Meningioma Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

That got really long. I'm so sorry. Just very aggravated today. I keep seeing like a …I dont know how to describe…its like something is in my right eye..but theres not..I had 20/20 vision a year ago…and now my right eye is 25 I think…so it's not bad. but I can tell it's worse in the last 3 months..just worries me ..i dont want to lose my sight. And I have bad mood swings…dont know what that's from..for a good year now.

Mon, May 11 5:52pm · Watching a Meningioma Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

Hey how are you doing? Thank you for responding. And yes I was a little unlear about the vision. They had told me nothing to worry at that very moment. I was like well…that's my vision your actively monitoring…like dont mess around. I want to always be able to see my beautiful daughter. But the answer to your question is yes…some…on some days my right eye will go blurry…I mainly notice when I'm up and around..just messing around online in the opthamalogist says the tumor is making contact with the optic chiasm..let's come back in 3 months…well it's been right at 3 months. My left eye is clear when I cover my right eye. When I switch totally blurry…if I had to rely on that eye to read it wouldn't happen..I noticed today my reading glasses didnt really help either. It did 3 months ago..the neurologist says could be an age thing ..could be the tumor…if one more person. Tells me anything with this tumor could be agreed related instead I'll cry. I turned 51 today. I have trouble concentrating really bad the last 2 years. What brought me to get the MRI IS HEADACHES…bad…I hit my head 2 years ago….so hard..on my shed wall coming off of a step and lost balance. Messed my neck up real good…I was shimmy feeling for 3 days…didnt go to hospital…kept on truckin… probably not a good thing to have done..anyhow…I'll let ya catch up..but from that I have a reverse curve in neck going on …ddd..neuropathy…raynauds ..fibromyalgia. ddd in lower lumbar with compression fractures..oh and carpal tunnel syndrome. I probably forgot something. Lol..but all these things have came about it seems since I hit my head. I know some is age related of course. My Pcp says I just rushed things along when I hit my head. I drives me nuts to sit stand lay down..I'm just all over some days..filled for disability..denied 3 times..just got denied by appeals council. My lawyer was worthless. They didnt know about the tumor. Been seeing docs for 2 years trying to find out what is causing headaches…then they found tumor right after my hearing…

Sat, May 9 10:10am · Watching a Meningioma Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

I was diagnosed with this tumor in January. It's being monitored as of now. Has anyone been diagnosed with one maybe similar to this..I'll just write my docs notes and should I be worried…because it seems not to be a big deal…a watch and wait's what was found..meningioma of the sphenoid alley in front of the optic chiasm on the right under frontal lobe.. has fairly large vessels in the tumor itself. It measures 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.6 cm. It does not appear to be compressing..there is contact of the. Optic chiasm but does not appear to be compressing it. It may be growing down and around the optic strut and optic foramen.. what do I do with that. I'm told not to worry but that's messing with my vision.