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Wed, Jul 29 2:46pm · Comparison of Spinal Cord Stimulators from Boston Sci., Nevro in Spine Health

I have the BSX wave writer(WW) since last December. Tried it to avoid surgery, have had 3 bad lumbar discs for 3 years. It has helped a lot. Especially no more severe pain spikes from out of the blue. They program 5 different settings and I use them all. But I need more either xlif or flowonix pain pump. The local reps from BSX are excellent.

Thu, Jul 23 1:01pm · XLIF Surgery 8-11-2020 in Spine Health

BSX is short for Boston Scientific.

Tue, Jul 21 1:28pm · XLIF Surgery 8-11-2020 in Spine Health

BSX SCS not working well enough. Please give me any helpful advice re; your xlif experience. In my case fusing 3 discs, l2/l3, l3/l4, l4/l5. I have significant scoliosis and spondolith, lots of degeneration. How bad/worse was pain and for how long, outcome successful?, how much rehab, what to avoid, what to emphasize? Thank you in advance.

Mon, May 11 9:52am · Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain in Spine Health

I also selected a spine surgeon from Mayo-Roch, and got precerted so to speak so I can go forward once I decide on fusion. Yes I rear it it last resort. Sounds like you are on right path. My problem is only lumbar discs l2/l3, l3/l4, ND L4/5. Have much Spondylolisthesis and other similar problems. Which Roch doc are you seeing? Staying up there 2 weeks postop? I may use a Jax surgeon not at Mayo here, a Duke trained neurosurgeon.

Sun, May 10 1:29pm · Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain in Spine Health

I have Bost. Scientific wavewriter since December for 8-9 levels of lumbar pain. It worked well for me overall and especially in eliminating pain spikes. However my left cluneal nerve is now emitting 8-9 pain most of the time. Pain doc is recommending and researching using Stimwave as a second device. Any one else have 2 devices or had some kind of cluneal nerve impingement repair surgery? I am trying to avoid 3-level spinal fusion. I need 2 pain pills a day and I want to get off them and just use med mar when I need to.

Tue, May 5 6:02pm · Has anyone had the Stimwave spine stimulator installed? in Spine Health

I would like to know if anyone has a Bost. sci wavewriter for lumbar area problems like I do. For some reason my left cluneal nerve is still very painful. My doc is looking into whether he can implant the stimwave as a second device. Any one like that? I don't want 3 level fusion surgery.