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Mon, Jun 15 7:54am · Post Transplant Surgery and Early Recovery: What's normal? in Transplants

I was given the most precious gift 3 weeks ago with a new liver. I’ve been recovering very well but have some questions on a few things.
For starters, when is the average time where you felt comfortable enough to drive yourself to the store? I still have numbness in my abdomen and can feel it, more on the sides, if I accidentally use my abs or twist incorrectly.
Also, for those of you who are side sleepers, when were you able to sleep on your side? I’ve been sleeping on my back the whole time and it’s become a bit bothersome.
Lastly, has anyone had to be retransplanted? While my bloodwork indicated amazingly good numbers, all normal, my bile ducts don’t have the proper flow that they should. I’m being watched closely and my fantastic team in AZ is ready to intervene if needed. I’m a bit nervous about the thought of doing this rodeo again. However, I will be a pro at it if I need to have another transplant!
Any help would be fabulous!