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Fri, May 22 8:44am · Two bits of good news!! (and nebulizing with saline) in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I’m new to all this and can you explain the saline treatment? I too have bronchiectasis and have been taking the big 3 daily for 2 months. Is the saline something that is a treatment after the treatment of antibiotics? Thank you for your help.

Mon, May 18 8:11am · 3 Months in with 7% Sodium Chloride in MAC & Bronchiectasis

How long have you been on the big 3? I’ve only been taking them for 2 months. Due to Covid I haven’t had any sputum tests. My doc is in Birmingham. I’m new and don’t know what to think. I have bronchiectasis and a cavitation. I’m 72 years old. Thank you.

Tue, May 5 8:01pm · Have you had your water tested? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

How do you clean your shower head? Do you hang a bucket from the shower with cleaning vinegar?

Sat, Apr 25 4:50pm · Bronchiectasis: New Diagnosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

None of this sounds good. I really don’t know what to do from here…thank you for your response.

Sat, Apr 25 4:50pm · Bronchiectasis: New Diagnosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hello. Thank you for being here. I was diagnosed with MAC 8 weeks ago at the University of Birmingham by a pulmonologist who did a bronchoscopy with several cultures and one grew out MAC.
I was started on 3 antibiotics Rifampin, Ehambutol and Azithromycin. High doses every day due to a cavitation. For the 5 weeks I’ve been taking the antibiotics, I have been nauseated and vomiting after taking the Ethambutol. Has anyone not tolerated the antibiotics? If so what did your doctor do?
I appreciate this group. Thank you. Carol